Coprone's ENB series settings

A lot people have asked for it, now I decided to release my ENB. It gives a very small bloom effect with ambient occlusion & nice depth of field bokeh effect. It looks best at night if you got any working lamps at distance, but is mad at day also! Plus that ENB gives a small Anti-Alias (SMAA) effect for any video drivers. I only use it for screenshots as my graphics card is more likely for facebook users only. Turn on the ENB by Shift+F12, if whole screen gets blurry, try restarting game & turn on a track. Only bug it has (cannot be fixed) is that sometimes DoF blur goes through transparent texture & then it looks awful (not on car windows without stickers). How to install? Just simply extract all the files to your SLRR install folder (where is the exe etc shit)

1.   Posted by jordigues   2014-12-02 10:50    

can i download this bmw? or is vip?

2.   Posted by mindeliszz   2014-12-02 12:39    

you can download this bmw

3.   Posted by Coprone   2014-12-02 12:54    

It's in the download section, called BMW e28

4.   Posted by Ey papa   2014-12-02 16:10    

Look Good Coprone

5.   Posted by e-racer   2014-12-02 16:41    

working on AMD?

6.   Posted by Coprone   2014-12-02 17:29    

Thanks, and it should work on AMD's.

7.   Posted by BluExplosions   2014-12-03 02:03    


8.   Posted by M4rl0Nss   2014-12-04 00:33    

Coprone, how can i disable the depth of field or reduce it..??

9.   Posted by Coprone   2014-12-04 11:14    

Delete effect.txt or rename it.

10.   Posted by banksy   2014-12-22 14:30    

ENV Maps???

11.   Posted by banksy   2014-12-22 14:30    

what are the ENV Maps?

12.   Posted by TiMSPeeK1488   2014-12-27 11:09    

My map:D

13.   Posted by ThaGhost   2015-03-15 17:03    

What do you use to save pics? xD I have something but it turns out a bit blurry

14.   Posted by ZeprarexVII   2015-03-21 17:36    

BMWs look different from the other cars in this enb

15.   Posted by ThaGhost   2015-04-03 22:26    

What do you use to covert the pictures? I have the ENB and it's awesome.

16.   Posted by thor-04   2015-06-15 00:22    

I love it!! :awesome:

17.   Posted by Vovantre   2015-10-21 04:53    

i can download this ENB ?

18.   Posted by Davidson12   2019-01-05 14:01    

Why it lags?

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