This enb has the goirgoils enb with smaa and monkeys enb, all put together

So, this ENB is a junction of gorgoils enb with smaa and monkeys enb. it's an really lovly enb :awesome:

PEACE ! : :D

My pc specs :

Intel core i3
Nvidea gt 320 (almost dead)
4GB RAM teamelite

Hope you enjoi my enb :)
1.   Posted by vkebus   2014-11-27 13:06    

i dont understand it made my game blurry..Help please

2.   Posted by CrazyPlays   2015-01-02 02:15    

u have to go to your "enbseries_mastereffect.ini" and in the line that says "#define GPDOF" delete "1" and put "0"

3.   Posted by Dr. Zoom   2018-03-03 09:31    

How you install it, there no instructions...

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