ENB settings that adds sexy DOF and occluion to your SLRR screens

Can work on ATI GPU's (tutorial inside)

1.   Posted by Psychoblasting   2014-10-23 16:14    

i get error about cant find d3d9.dll and shit

2.   Posted by Łukasz2212   2014-10-23 21:15    

Tested, i really like it! Good job.

3.   Posted by blast   2014-10-24 02:36    

Thanks man!

4.   Posted by Tomawk   2014-10-24 07:35    

Try to update your DirectX

5.   Posted by ThaGhost   2015-04-10 19:17    

My screen becomes extra blurry, what do I do?
Love the ENB but as I said.

6.   Posted by ThaGhost   2015-06-26 04:14    

Now it won't even open SLRR? Think I know how to fix bluriness but why does it crash???

7.   Posted by hugap   2017-12-04 09:40    

New Link

8.   Posted by SharpDesıgn   2018-03-11 17:07    

Link Crash Please New Link

9.   Posted by FireHyperion606   2018-05-20 11:22    

Link Is Down pliz fix dis.

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