This pack includes:

-All engine sounds from shift 2
-Every sound is converted to playable wav format
-Full RPK file

I made this pack to make sharing new made scripts much easier.
And maybe someone could help me to script them.

If you want to help you need to download this: Link
and follow this tutorial: Link

WARNING!!! this pack is HUGE and it doesn't contain scripts!!

Get Scripts here

Also i've included some recreated engine block java using a tool i made. This way i can recreate conventional engine block java without any performance changes. If you have requests what engine java you need, pm me with that engine download link and i'll upload script here.

1.Put EngineSoundPack folder and EngineSoundPack.rpk in main slrr folder
2.Open *engineblock*.java and replace some code, like this:

1.   Posted by g4tnt   2014-10-13 13:13    

this is realy cool mate good stuff :)

2.   Posted by slrrthai   2014-10-22 05:57    

How to use

3.   Posted by rio09   2014-10-29 15:54    

Needed something like this...great job :)

4.   Posted by 900xXREDLINE   2014-11-09 18:26    

where is all the scripts there are like 13 scripts and 56 sounds WTF

5.   Posted by mindeliszz   2014-11-11 23:41    

it's not easy to script sounds you know...

6.   Posted by tomaukz   2014-11-26 20:13    


its more than one engine block, i think its 3 or four. but all i really want is the 427 block java.

7.   Posted by GramzoV   2015-01-14 16:10    


8.   Posted by Hot_Stuff   2015-07-11 07:24    

You can show me how to discover id of the sound file, for engine sounds? :confused2:

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