I made this tutorial for people who doesn't like(or doesn't know how to use) enb and wants better graphics. Here's what you need to do:
1. Download latests Nvidia Inspector version.
2. Open profile settings

3. Select SLRR profile

4. Edit settings. I suggest to set ambient occlusion.

5. Experiment with settings, i have't tested everything, but this tool really helps to improve slrr graphics :)
1.   Posted by PzyDuck   2014-09-29 04:39    

i dont know if its just me, but AO only works on garage. If i go to any track its not working. BUT, if i press F2 (that strange camera angle) it works..


2.   Posted by mindeliszz   2014-09-29 07:14    

try different ambient occlusion compatibility

3.   Posted by KidForDrift   2015-01-11 21:12    

Hello guys, i am using BB93 slrr and i have the same problem as the PzyDuck, it activates only in menu, or on the map is I press F1 or F2, and that's about it. For sure it's ambient occlusion compatibility problem, but there are a lot of different ones, i tried a lot of them (not all) but still not working properly. As a note i also have FXAA, maybe that can be the problem?

4.   Posted by SufyanLow   2015-02-17 15:22    

ow...my...god... thank you so much!!

5.   Posted by Beaw   2016-01-26 13:42    

Anyone any fix the no ambient occlusion in F3 and F9 camera mode?

6.   Posted by AndreasKoistinen   2018-10-28 03:02    

I followed these steps and didn't make anything better, any ideas?

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