the reworked version of Roli's mk1 with Rieger kit and reflection fix like the mk2.

reworked version of Roli's mk1 cabrio with reflection fix and Rieger bodykit, it's not with it!!

1.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-09-23 21:20    

This ol' schooler.... wish that this had an additional solid paintable roof for those who don´t want it to be open all the time but it´s going to happen...

2.   Posted by Roli   2014-09-24 06:49    

thx markgt for uploading :)

this mod was made 5 year ago! i doesnt have the 3d files anymore. i just fixed the javas 2 days ago :) cause markgt like to play with the cabrio, so now its stable comes fully build at catalog and appears in deals and valocity

3.   Posted by Roli   2014-09-24 07:13    

Download Mirror Mediafire:

4.   Posted by black22man   2014-09-24 15:03    

thx markgt :D

5.   Posted by doge   2014-09-24 17:27    

any stock mk1 europe, that is not vip?

6.   Posted by doge   2014-09-24 17:28    

that spoiler looks :RICE:

7.   Posted by doge   2014-09-24 18:23    

Its nice car tho, i wish you add more parts, like GTI grill, yellow lights, cross light and such..

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