[Known bugs and shortcomings:]

- Bad setting of light and Physics, are Possible "jumps" Suspension model
- Inscription "STI" on the seats and steering wheel in A black frame
- A small amount of Tuning
- Car sold not assembly


The modification includes 1 Chassis:
- Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2004
High quality model
High quality texture
High quality interior
There are own rims on 17-inch, No paintable
There are one Additional body-Kit
There are stickers on the windows
In the Folder with the textures are present .psd-files for stickers on the glass, you can change them
1.   Posted by James2122   2014-11-16 19:04    

How Come There Is No Engine In This Mod ?:(

2.   Posted by Nevz000   2015-03-14 17:51    

What engine must we use?

3.   Posted by ZeroTheWolfy64   2015-03-19 09:56    

Use the EJ20/EJ25 mod. Can't remember who made it, google it. Real high quality mod.

4.   Posted by jvotroncoso   2015-03-27 11:25    

come with the wheels ?

5.   Posted by kyaoru   2016-02-09 04:19    

Use BB93 Boxer-4 Engine from GOM-TEAM SLRR

6.   Posted by xxxmake007   2016-03-05 18:04    


7.   Posted by jdmkvng   2018-11-01 02:50    

Is there a body mapping

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