VIP Modular VXS-210

VIP Modular VXS-210 Rims

Rims available in 17, 18 and 19 inches

All paintable

Normal and Deep version



Author: 3D Model from Internet
Converted by: RealityKingz for da peeeaps of Vstanced


Exclusive for Vstanced
Uploading to other sites are forbidden



1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-07-31 17:25    

I'm afraid that I've seen this on Modzona first :/

2.   Posted by Robustock   2014-07-31 17:32    

Hell yea, waited for these so much! Love them.

3.   Posted by Rick93   2014-07-31 18:20    

KeeJay, that is impossible nobody has ever released such rims

4.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2014-07-31 19:26    

Isn't this made by JonVer87x?

5.   Posted by Daniel   2014-07-31 20:11    

Model is by JonVer87x yes.

6.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2014-07-31 20:59    

Is his second name Internet?

7.   Posted by vovi4   2014-08-01 05:09    

good job

8.   Posted by PzyDuck   2014-09-09 05:37    

You should update the description and the readme on the file and mention JonVer87x as the author of the 3D model and not only "3D Model from Internet".

Either than that, thanks for importing wheel to game. Really love VXS210.

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