properly converted sounds from shift 2. some of them aren't even started converting, some of them aren't tuned properly, but most of them are good to use. everything you need is inside the rar
How to install:
1. Put Shift2_Sounds folder and rpk in main slrr folder.
2. In Shift2_Sounds folder you'll find folders with car names, inside you'll see a txt file(if there's no that means i haven't done it yet).
3. Inside txt file there's script. You need to place this script(replace the old script) in *enginedata*/scripts/src/*engineblock*.java file. If source is not there, then you can't do anything.
4. Enjoy :P

feel free to edit, include in your engine mod
1.   Posted by mindeliszz   2014-07-28 11:00    

preview: LINK to youtube account

2.   Posted by faza m fahla   2015-02-20 11:54    

my slrr crash help please :/

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