this max file includes 3 materials that you can use and adjust for your liking.

main one is the paintable(red) the other two are for GLASS(windows) and the other one is for GLASS(headlights)

these were/are used in on 90% of my current mods.

how to -;

* - open up the max file

* - point max to materials folder with textures(it'll pick the one's it needs) -ignore the gtr etc errors.

* - once materials are loaded with textures press f9 to render and see if you can see reflections.

* - open up material editor and put each material to max library.

* - when you start a new mod simply load one of the materials from the library.

that should be it.
1.   Posted by Unseen.   2014-07-27 14:39    

That will be invaluable for new modders, thanks for sharing this!

2.   Posted by Alan Smithee   2014-07-27 16:05    

What are differences between these three? I though that there's one paintable material :/

3.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2014-07-27 16:37    

sorry! updated the description :)

4.   Posted by Alan Smithee   2014-07-27 16:41    

That clears it a lot :)

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