1.   Posted by vovi4   2014-06-20 09:51    

well more such details

2.   Posted by driftgenesis   2014-06-26 17:00    


3.   Posted by rubiopista   2014-06-27 02:47    


4.   Posted by tommyboy22   2014-07-02 10:07    

what folder do u save this in I saved it in parts but dosent work

5.   Posted by Frostyfox   2014-10-21 23:00    

crashes mine !

6.   Posted by DuncanX   2014-10-30 02:33    

Works on 2.2.1 MWM! Save in SLRR/Parts:

Spawns at the back of the car, you just need to adjust it to wherever you would like it. It is highly detailed, but unfortunately, the gauges do not work, but it is still a good, high res mod! :P I rate it 8/10

7.   Posted by Rinoo   2015-03-21 17:18    

how to adjust parts to wherever i want ? program or somthing else , i have slrr editor 2.1 but moving parts doesnt work ;s

8.   Posted by jettc1993   2015-07-27 10:58    

i have put it in parts but doesnt show up in gauge list?

9.   Posted by edi07kehed   2015-07-27 15:02    

download moveable script first, so u can move anything like a engine and body :awesome:

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