- extract the .rar file in the parts directory of the game
- custom ShockAbsorber and Spring scripts to allow for dynamic adjustability, which expand the game rather then overwrite its scripts
- 2 sets of fully adjustable struts and tail arms
- 23 shock and spring sets from various manufacturers, all realisticly tunable
Added Features For Next Release:
- custom Brake script allowing for dynamic adjustability, which expands the game rather then overwriting its scripts
- 8 or more brake systems from various manufacturers, with tunable capabilities
Rights and Uploading:
Feel free to upload this mod anywhere you wish, as long as you include all original files and give me credit for making it. Also keep in mind that its a beta, which means new releases will be uploaded and you will have to update your upload as well if you put it elsewhere.
Notes to Modders:
Ff you wish to obtain particular java source scripts PM me on GOM and i'll see what i can do to accomodate you.
Final Note:
1.   Posted by Kenny   2012-02-14 17:09    

Работи ли на MWM ? :troll:

2.   Posted by StFu!!!   2012-03-06 12:42    

Би трябвало :)

3.   Posted by edviux401   2012-04-17 17:47    


4.   Posted by H_I   2015-03-08 09:14    

Без проблем работи на MWM :)

5.   Posted by JDM1999 (DIRTYTIGER763   2015-10-20 05:06    

Next week when I get my pc back here I come suspension in my game now all the suspensions are the same except for the superduty suspension which makes the wheel camber + THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST

6.   Posted by TheBeastTg   2016-07-14 18:59    

What is that song when you start the game?

7.   Posted by TheBeastTg   2016-07-14 19:01    

nevermind i found it :awesome:

8.   Posted by killer pro 20   2016-08-01 20:36    

:doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge:

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10.   Posted by omegike   2017-01-17 18:22    

not working for me on mwm

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