The 2JZ-GTE, comes with 2JZ-GE variation. Plus two upgraded blocks (BC & JUN Stroker kit.)
1.   Posted by hitman3695   2014-05-29 10:54    

You need to add a downpipe do the turbos

2.   Posted by Unseen.   2014-06-13 05:17    

You indeed have TONS of opinions toward others' mods, don't you?

3.   Posted by edi07kehed   2014-07-01 13:39    

i have try this engine and the result is "DAMN, i can drift everytime without worries about overheat" :awesome:

4.   Posted by Unseen.   2014-09-04 15:12    

It's a pretty strong one, you can keep revving at red line all day and the engine will take it like nothing :))

5.   Posted by clayw123   2014-09-14 21:39    


6.   Posted by KasmanPWT   2015-09-22 14:10    

This Engine Mod is great! but please make the turbo downpipe for the stock turbo and Why is the safe RPM is only 5000RPM? i can't drive a supra with 5000RPM
When i make it to 9000RPM it always get worn fast
And also make Turbonetics turbo that can push car over 1200HP

7.   Posted by jok3r1986   2016-07-24 11:30    

can someone make a stronger 2jz this one is very weak

8.   Posted by surasek   2016-09-28 03:55    


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