OMGWTFBBQ Just for the fuc*ing epic fun

1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-26 21:07    


2.   Posted by Franco   2010-05-26 21:07    


3.   Posted by Jaziba   2010-05-26 21:34    

lol @ the song :awesome:

4.   Posted by Noi5eB0mb   2010-05-26 22:55    

reminds me of some 60's commercial LOL :awesome:

5.   Posted by Franco   2010-05-27 02:19    

you don't know the song!!???

it's "looking for a reason" from Creedence Clearwater Revival a.k.a. Creedence........... one of my fabourite bands... in fact it's the same song that i've got in my mobile phone as wake up alarm

6.   Posted by slogun1993   2010-05-27 16:31    

can i have my awesome 15 seconds back :awesome: :P

7.   Posted by Daniel   2010-05-27 18:37    

Whaha :P Video IS awesome and the song IS funny as hell :D

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