New Reflections

New fresh HQ ENV Maps for your game!

Install is simple, just put everything from archive to your maps folder and replace.

-They MIGHT make your game lag(cuz they are bigger than stock SLRR textures. SLRR has 256px, these are 1024px)
-They are saved as .png, not as .dds, and .rpk is based on stock skydome.rpk, so if you have something "tuned" in that section, it might not work properly..

Hope you like it..

Enjoy using it!
1.   Posted by Rick93   2014-04-20 16:01    

Looks awesome :thumbsup:

2.   Posted by Robustock   2014-04-20 16:44    

Nice job with this ENV!

3.   Posted by aswad   2014-04-20 18:11    

nice ENV....nice job

4.   Posted by piloute97430   2014-05-01 14:02    

It's great, but the sky is no longer displayed, why?

5.   Posted by Pro7   2014-05-10 02:10    

Cant you people, like, READ what i wrote up there? It was refered to EVERYTHING in skydome.rpk not only for env textures..

6.   Posted by Ramiro Van De Velde   2014-11-02 03:30    

where ENV is installed?

7.   Posted by TheRandomDude   2014-12-26 22:44    

Is that combined with an enb? Because my game does not look as good as that :/

8.   Posted by AtomicCraZe   2015-01-17 22:07    

Thanks for this this Env map is epic

9.   Posted by zajac44   2015-03-28 11:21    

I have a problem.... gray sky

10.   Posted by Moonlander08   2016-02-11 12:37    

Same Problem... Gray Sky

11.   Posted by LeweMan24   2016-03-03 04:37    

Nice job dude! It looks amazing!

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