FM4 Nissan Sentra SE-R SpecV '07

My second car mod :)

Mod comes /with:
-Stock builded from catalog
-Stock parts
-Stock rim and tire
-Stock brakes front and rear
-Custom bumpers
-Widekit made by me
-Variations of windows
-Variations of headlights and taillights
-Variations of foglights
-Custom settings of lights
-Interior lightning
-Real spec gauges
-Tweaked physics
-etc. :D

-2 Paintjobs By jdmface

Tested on 2.2.1 MWM / 2.2.1 LE2MWM


Have Fun :)
1.   Posted by Jaziba   2014-02-13 01:11    

Quality mod, quality mod.

THIS ^ is what SLR needs more off, well done.

2.   Posted by Torres1895   2014-02-13 02:03    

Thanks :)

3.   Posted by aangelo63   2014-02-13 02:16    

beautiful job, well done torres. as jazba said Quality mod.

4.   Posted by Gastroker   2014-02-13 04:16    

Wow very nice

5.   Posted by t_freshington   2014-02-13 15:25    

This thing is TITS, good job!

6.   Posted by Hinata23   2014-02-13 16:06    

Love it! My highest respect for the effort that must have went into the making of this mod :)

7.   Posted by Torres1895   2014-02-14 21:56    

:) Thanks guys!!

8.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2014-02-14 22:42    

well done dude! keep at it! :)

9.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-02-14 22:51    

This seems a lot as it has been made in the same way as the Suzuki SX4 with the dettachable parts (no wonder he´s involved helping) :P

From me I would say this gets 9.9/10 if it weren´t for the widening part to not fully covering the front quarterpanels.

10.   Posted by adnan54   2014-02-15 10:05    

This is a very popular car here in Brazil, nice work! :)

11.   Posted by devil159   2014-03-01 07:34    

thanks :thumbsup:

12.   Posted by M4rl0Nss   2014-07-16 04:21    

Nice car and nice mod, works good on my car.. Thank you Torres1895..

13.   Posted by fronz4life   2016-01-10 01:43    

omg own an love spec vs. can someone please make an 04-06 model! :)

14.   Posted by hectoresquivel   2016-05-04 18:58    


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