Complete car with various body kits.

So, this could be the one that someone shown in the SLRR Rides thread few weeks ago... I haven't check it yet since I don't know what to do with all those OBJ and MTL mess. If anyone is interested, just download it and import to see what it's like.

As by reading the file names, it comes with two chassis: stock and wide body, there are also several front/rear bumpers and spoilers to choose from.

Sorry for no preview, since I can't open it. If it is exactly what Kornis (?) shown, then this is the real deal - for those hardcore JDM enthusiast.
1.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-01-22 16:26    

Any pictures?

2.   Posted by Unseen.   2014-01-25 19:35    

# PXRZ: READ my God damned content, dipshit...

3.   Posted by SLYDWAYZ   2014-03-18 14:48    

come take a look at my facebook group i have here this model i made into an amazing drift machin inside rfactor

4.   Posted by slick   2014-04-10 05:12    

Good enough to be put into GTA IV, as I've started doing. :P

5.   Posted by ZeprarexVII   2014-07-19 09:45    

No RPK ?

6.   Posted by stonedmonster   2014-09-21 12:20    

its a 3d model... and its files look kinda like they are from lol

7.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-01-07 22:48    

For reference, it's probably a heavily edited Forza model. The headlights are similar, even though the rear half of the car is barely recognizable.

8.   Posted by IcyPeak   2015-02-01 11:31    

NOt on 221 mwm :crying:

9.   Posted by ALAN   2015-03-05 16:49    

Hello? It's a 3d model.

10.   Posted by Aesth   2016-06-18 02:57    

How can i install it? :3

11.   Posted by maxgamer1995   2017-05-12 00:35    

can i put it into beamng?

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