This is my second texture pack realease for street legal racing redline.
please don't rape my pack, edit or whatever you are going to do.

make backups, put all stuff to main game directory.
use my pack at your own.

Here's some screens:

1.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2014-01-03 18:23    

sweet stuff!!
lovin' especially the new catalog! :D

2.   Posted by E-Bullet   2014-01-03 19:16    

Is it any different from darkside one?

3.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-01-03 20:44    

*rapes your pack* :P i'm happy to see you finally decided to release it for everyone :)

4.   Posted by meskis   2014-01-04 11:26    

thank you :) i haven't recieved big corrections from community, so there's just minor tweaks and you wouldn't notice difference from early DS release.

5.   Posted by Sam9001   2014-01-04 23:12    

Really nice work!

6.   Posted by sebastian augustynowicz   2014-01-15 12:49    

siema jak to siÄ™ dodaje

7.   Posted by stepa2910   2014-01-22 15:49    

nice game
i like that

8.   Posted by Pedro_Takumi   2015-04-19 23:02    

this package is beautiful, thank you

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