This is a quick convert that I did based on the Forza Horizon traffic car.
It's VERY low poly but still a fun mod.

Model from Forza Horizon, texturing and scripts by me, Diegoborges finished the car so it's good and stable ingame.

Merry Christmas and enjoy!

And if you support my mods, you can always buy me a beer to keep motivated!

1.   Posted by MrBluePapaSmurf   2013-12-25 12:36    

does this have any other modified parts to it?

2.   Posted by Jaziba   2013-12-25 14:46    

Nope, this is a forza horizon traffic car, not much you can do with it.

Model is low poly and doors dont open, windows wont detach, just the bumpers and lights etc.

This was something i wanted to do to see how it would turn out.

3.   Posted by CALLmeSCOOBY   2015-02-02 23:24    

ok what engine goes in it, cant get any inside...or isnt it drivable at all?

4.   Posted by TheVenom   2015-05-24 17:57    

That's A6 man..

5.   Posted by Ignas7899   2016-12-22 13:01    

Why can I not download this? If someone could help me, I'd be happy.

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