If you get this error: Unregistrable node: cars\racers\Toyota_XE10.rpk:0000A0E5 (invalid parent parts.rpk:0000B282)
It means the exhaust pipe is in a catalog which MWM does not have, How to fix it:

Convert the RPK of the car to RDB
The name of the RPK is Toyota_XE10 [For me] So you have to Right-Click on the Resdecode.bat file, press edit and put in the name of the RPK file
Link to restools

Now you should have a rbd file
Open it with notepad, Press CNTRL + F And search for B282 If it doesn't find anything search for: 0DB4 , 0CB4 , 0EB4 , 00B4 or 0AB4
When you have found the exhaust type ID

Simply put 0250 There instead of B282 [or any of the other ID's]

Now convert it back to RPK with the Resconvert.bat file

It should be working fine now

[Made this for the people that don't like/Don't use LE2MWM]
1.   Posted by PXRZ   2013-11-23 17:29    

Could you make one tutorial about how to convert but for engines too?

2.   Posted by DHR   2014-08-03 00:32    

+1 on the engines thing, it has worked on a car so far but not on engines :(

3.   Posted by IcyPeak   2015-02-06 09:52    

where is the resdecode.bat
im using windows xp

4.   Posted by dthug69   2015-03-18 01:43    

i followed ever step and my game just crashed
:wtf: :headbang:

5.   Posted by Stinga748   2015-09-22 13:39    

anyone got a mediashare file for restools? thats crappy 4share wont let me download it

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