Gratz to Bigg Boss93! a strong win for sure! :) and Robban has a surprise for the winner.. well, BiggBoss agreed to allow the 2nd place to take the prize! and it's a car of their choice! the 2nd place winner is danilka45rus and his choice of car is VW Beetle from Forza! this will be converted and released to public by Robban! :) no ETA but it's coming! new modder competition is also on the way.
Thanks for all the entries and those that didn't win, better luck next time! :)

1.   Posted by Daniel   2013-11-15 18:52    

New or old Beetle?

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-11-15 18:55    

old, new doesn't count as a car duuh.. noobs.

3.   Posted by Luis0x   2013-11-16 02:24    

Jesus Christ u can do a car for me ?

4.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-11-16 11:35    


5.   Posted by Ghost_Elite   2013-11-16 12:55    

Well, the new new beetle isn't that bad to be honest...
The old new beetle is just ugly.
Old new, new new... So confusing..

6.   Posted by robban_9000   2013-11-16 13:50    

the old one looks better then the new one. And the old one is a legendary car.

7.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-11-16 14:08    


8.   Posted by Luis0x   2013-11-16 21:40    

i wnana the Mitsubishi mirage 95-97 you can do that car for me ?

9.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-11-17 04:35    

yeah sure gimme 15 mins! :) ill release it here.

10.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-11-17 13:17    


11.   Posted by Luis0x   2013-11-17 22:29    

lol i want that car !!

12.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-11-18 08:16    

read the rules then before you get a hammer

13.   Posted by mechgt5   2013-11-22 09:07    

:troll: :facepalm:

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