Releasing this pack 'cause its catching dust on my hdd
it may not be perfect since I made these rims for myself

Models made by: KamikaZ, Jonver87x, Calledbridge72 And some more people I forgot the names of.

Most of the rims come in 17-18-19, some of them only in 15 inch or 20 inch [because I didn't think they would look good in other sizes]

Work Euroline DH [Not Paintable]
TE37 [With paintable lip]
TE37 concave with a bit dish [Paintable]
Weds sport TC005 [Not Paintable]
Volk GTC [Paintable]
SSR Vienna Kreiss [Not Paintable]
MB Battles [Not Paintable]
Work Meister 2Pc [Paintable]
787B Rim [Paintable]
Riverside Riverge [Paintable]
Fujiwara 380-LW [Paintable]
tis 05 & 09 [Not Paintable]
Volk VSKF [Not Paintable]
1552 Turbomac [Paintable]
1552 Turbomac Wheel cover [Not Paintable]
Advan Connoisseur 51C [Not Paintable]

Pic of some of the rims in the pack [Thanks Inline5]
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2.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-11-15 21:16    

they're enough good to not need pics, just dl and play ;)

3.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-11-16 14:24    

nice pack

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SWEET! :awesome:

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Awesome! ;)

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