3D Studio Max 5.1
Everything that is needed to make 3ds max work are included in the archive.
In the archive you will find "detailed" information how to install.

Those tutorials might help you learn 3ds max *CLICK*
Mediafire Mirror link (splitted to 4 parts)
Mediafire Mirror #2 thanks to Jaziba. (One part only) (3DS Max 5, not 5.1 ;) )
1.   Posted by Jaziba   2013-10-26 15:56    

Alternative Link


2.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-10-28 08:17    

Cool! Now I can try to make some stuff. :D

3.   Posted by motordaniel   2014-11-27 10:52    

how do i open 3d max
what of all the programs do open 3d max

sorry for my english

4.   Posted by bitelaserkhalif   2017-06-24 05:10    

You will need flash player Active X plugin to make sure it loads smoothly.

5.   Posted by Elite commander   2018-06-08 14:48    

can someone tell how to install this

6.   Posted by Battor   2018-10-30 21:38    


7.   Posted by SuperSupra512   2018-10-31 16:12    

Thanks, really helped me there.

8.   Posted by arozboud   2019-04-20 22:33    

Doesn´t work for me :(

9.   Posted by Hisao_Nakaii   2019-05-15 10:57    

i call bullshit on "detailed", there's no info on how to handle the installation, how to handle the licensing, the closest thing i found was a random video in Portuguese or Brazilian.

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