It's completelly fabulous... I've been testing this mod from some time and now it'll be released... Check the video, and really wait for the link that will come today... it will improve the game experience by a lot!

DOWNLOAD HERE! CLickyCLickyDighdamdym
1.   Posted by slogun1993   2010-05-19 19:57    

dude this awesome no buggy crappy stock sounds. i love this. i am srry for this one: it would be cool if rx7 has this to. mistersir sounds are ok but it suddenly sounds diffrent at an higher rpm(sounds at some diffrent rpm are the same) srry mistersir. you just made this sound so fluently. great job

2.   Posted by Noi5eB0mb   2010-05-19 20:19    

im sorry but OMGWTFBBQUNBELIVABLEAWESOMEWORK!!!11 downloading NOW!!1

3.   Posted by Noi5eB0mb   2010-05-19 20:19    

and about MrSir's sounds i gotta say i agree with slogun1993, they sound a bit different

4.   Posted by Chris   2010-05-19 20:56    

Nice job dude, but.. you might as well change the dodge crashing sounds while youre at it :p

They always bothered me xD

5.   Posted by slogun1993   2010-05-21 16:39    

i can't download it but does it replace the engine sound or car sound?

6.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-21 18:51    

engine gives the sound clearly? not car :O

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