Model made by Lucas
I'm not sure about the size of the camera so it might be a little bit small
1.   Posted by slamsung   2013-10-05 00:37    


2.   Posted by mitko   2013-10-06 12:27    

i cant find it in the catalog

3.   Posted by Wi Fi Pr0   2013-10-16 01:32    

I was wondering where it is in the catalog.

4.   Posted by tempest   2013-10-24 14:31    

is that really recorded by that cam? :V

5.   Posted by pepik20   2013-11-09 15:47    

The cam itself is in the Aerodynamics (at the end), but:
-you can't have spoilers
-it is not movable
-it is under a trunk
Please, fix it!

6.   Posted by MyMods   2013-11-12 02:22    

@ pepik,

Car can look good without spoilers, example a nissan 350z ;)
You can move it, if it is unter the trunk, move it.

7.   Posted by Frostyfox   2014-10-22 23:37    

doesnt work for me, no error reference and im running le2mwm 2.2.1

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