just a few textures for my forza osd

1.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-10-01 16:26    

Cool stuff!

2.   Posted by FJ   2013-10-01 19:17    

Sick mate! Thanks for giving us those awesome OSD for slrr :))

3.   Posted by g4tnt   2013-10-01 21:45    

glad you like them or at least a few
lol there is some mad colours in there and i want to see pics lol

4.   Posted by FJ   2013-10-02 03:52    

Oh there is a rainbow one too,this must be dedicated to me :))

5.   Posted by PXRZ   2013-10-02 16:42    

Is that Pizza Island that I spot in the background? :P

6.   Posted by g4tnt   2013-10-02 22:28    

lol im afraid not but dam now im hungry for pizza :)

7.   Posted by ivan21pedraza   2013-10-04 03:55    

como lo pongo ? hay que hacer la configuraciĆ³n ?

8.   Posted by g4tnt   2013-10-04 20:56    

you need my forza osd instaled and use this texture instead

9.   Posted by SLRR M0ding   2013-10-04 23:18    

Fonts for the OSD please

10.   Posted by g4tnt   2013-10-05 18:01    

what fonts do you want the ones in this pic are the defalt ones in my game which is the stage1 from here if you mean the turbo numbers its the long osd in the forza osb mate pm me if you need more help

11.   Posted by hitman3695   2013-10-31 03:12    

I hope it's not against the rules to edit them

12.   Posted by lhm8884   2013-11-01 16:49    

nice job

13.   Posted by Aaron   2013-12-05 10:29    

where do i install this

14.   Posted by g4tnt   2014-01-16 12:56    

no problem with you editing mate but if you uploade just give me credits looks nice

15.   Posted by Marcuitos15   2016-09-06 16:50    

Hi!! Any CFG lines for 1680x1050 resolution?

16.   Posted by lucas bispo4   2017-09-11 02:22    

Were i extract te files?

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