HQ Paintjob Tutorial from Acyd

buy a new car and all body parts

paint one part in black

save the pj and leave the game
go into skin folder

open the file with gimp/photoshop

clear the pic and rezise to 1024x 1024 or 2048x2048

paint the hole pic in your favorite color

save this with xxx.JPG

go into your skin folder
you can see 3 files
the first file is the game load file
the second file is the old skin file ( delete )
and rename the JPG file ( remove JPG )

back in the game and load your PJ
you can see the black font bumper now in your edit color
use the copy and piant tool in slrr
( copy the font bumper and paint the all parts )

now save the hole PJ
you can see in your skin folder the hole PJ

remove all parts up to those decalable want

now put a decal on car

you can see little mapping mistakes ( not all cars have this problem )

save the PJ ( left, right, front or back )

leave slrr and go too your skin folder you can see the saved ( left ) skin

open all three files with gimp/photoshop
you can see the blurry edges and the mapping mistakes

use the free choose and select the wrong things

paint the choose ( with all files )


save your edit pics with .JPG on the end

back in the game and load your work ( you can see...is not blurry )

add the other side parts and use the copy and paint tool
copy the left door too the right door
copy the left frontquaterpanel too the right frontquaterpanel...

and save
1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-17 11:43    

this is an awesome tut dude! thanks for submitting :)

2.   Posted by Daniel   2010-05-17 12:15    

Can u share the one for HQ Decal thing too? Sad i cant use it on my current game since it crashes when i press save PJ :(

3.   Posted by -Acyd-   2010-05-17 12:22    

i make a new tut for decals ! my accound on gsm is delete and on gsm is the decal tut!
give me time and i make a new one :)

4.   Posted by elawai17   2012-09-13 08:57    

Oh i would try to do it... Seems to be very nice to do

5.   Posted by Stanced_4_Life-12   2013-10-06 22:03    

how come i cant save my paintjob?

6.   Posted by tempest   2014-02-03 08:45    

when i save my pj with "zenki" name, then i go to skins folder, i cannot open it with photoshop.

here's the file


7.   Posted by Flearko   2015-04-08 16:43    

I'ts the File 1, I have the same ploblem, I'm trying to convert it to .jpg

8.   Posted by uchuujin   2016-02-05 14:01    

For safety.. I think you'll just need to buy the body first. Because some parts are paintable.

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