Author of converting in SLRR: Kornis Vengris
Author 3D model: Turn 10 Studios / Forza Horizon /
Mod tested on versions 2.2.1MWM and LE2MWM

1.   Posted by JoeAlex   2013-07-29 18:51    

Really i want to kill you for keep uploading shit's here...

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-07-29 23:38    

kill him for uploding? what? its a cool mod might not be to our standards but who gives a shit.. people might like it :)

3.   Posted by JoeAlex   2013-07-30 02:03    

I not give a shit about it, but, but, but... idk, I hate see shits in game... :))

4.   Posted by Mario   2013-07-31 15:53    

I tried it, it's just a mod without custom parts, but proper matterials,cleen catalog, glows, scripts aren't messed up and can't crash the game.It's not a shit

5.   Posted by sparkynissan   2013-08-13 22:02    

I like it

6.   Posted by winxuser   2013-11-06 05:27    

very very nice work,, i love these little cars,, any plans for a rx2???

7.   Posted by Wolfy   2014-02-08 03:11    

need an rx wagon

8.   Posted by slrrthai   2014-10-20 10:20    


9.   Posted by tombaddog   2016-10-18 04:44    


10.   Posted by duanekemp   2017-09-28 16:48    

Kornis Vengris,
I have some questions about this model. Is there a possibility of downloading a version that I might import into SketchUp for Rendering and or modifying? A .3ds or .skp file?

11.   Posted by AS Studio   2018-06-24 09:51    

Crash on BB93 SLRR2015 (Not sure)

12.   Posted by lil...stump   2019-02-19 06:30    

^ AS Studio lots of mods crash on slrr2015

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