sweetFX 9.1 + EMB + mario's light tweak

i put this pack together to make it easier to get a massive improvement over vanilla SLRR

just extract and enjoy :D

one part of this mod makes the light glows prettier / better for photos and the enb gives the game a nicer, warmer feel and deeper tone and better shine on the paint work
1.   Posted by AssumedGuitar37   2014-05-24 07:27    

That's just beautiful and nice Levin.

2.   Posted by JUDAS_MENTOR   2014-08-30 04:58    

Makes a very big difference! Great work!

3.   Posted by ivelin.   2015-09-14 15:45    

Help (noob) i did everything as explained but every time i start the game i get an error that theres a missing file. How can i run this enb?

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