easy tutorial :o

Ok this is my first tutorial,and im not really good at this but i will try :D
So... you may want to play "LEGALY" by instead of going to vehicle catalog,you want to go to dealer and get a car which most of the times it's cheaper... It's quite simple...First go to the car's VT.java you want to edit (where at the f*ck is that?) that is in SLRR/cars/racers/*carname*/scripts/src,there you will find a java that ends with "VT" Let's take a car like... hmm Jesus christ's
Here is a sample(this is the Duhen_VT java from Jesus christ's EK9) i didn't take whole part but only last lines... (whole java is around 300 lines)
Edit this orange number to change car's appeareance in dealers,lower value to make it appear less often and higher the value to make the car appear more often in the car dealer,simple right?
WARNING: If you do that with the stock slrr cars,if there are not any other addon cars to appear,dealer will be empty and game will just CRASH.
Comment below if you didn't undestand something,and remember... SLRR FTW!
1.   Posted by Frostyfox   2013-06-27 10:17    

What about in the scrap dealers?

2.   Posted by dthug69   2013-12-15 15:23    

mine couldnt open it said it was lost

3.   Posted by birger89   2014-09-05 16:41    

Isn't that VT going to load a Duhen? Or is that the point? When I read EK9 i think of the Honda Civic

4.   Posted by Im2Fast4U   2014-12-29 21:29    

The z33 take all the slots in all garage but it doesnt have a scripts folders...

5.   Posted by e39_525i   2015-11-26 10:25    

The magic "orange" number didn't work. Is there any other way to fix this?
It only made more beirns spawn at the dealership...
mod: e39 M5 by: jesus christ

6.   Posted by TheOne10118   2016-02-08 15:05    

In that case you need to fix your VTs.

7.   Posted by SilviaS15Lover   2017-06-03 12:23    

So what if I have a car that only has a XXXXXXX_VT.class (NOTHING in the src folder)? Can I still change that?

8.   Posted by BlueEyedCookie   2017-08-18 13:31    

SilviaS15Lover: No, that means that the author didn't provide the source files for the mod. The only way to do this is by editing the src/XXXXXX_VT.java source files. You could try sending a PM to the mod author to ask for the sources but it's unlikely they will give them out for a mod that doesn't already have them as they usually have a valid reason for not including them. Thankfully though, most mod authors provide all sources from release (props to you guys)

9.   Posted by bitelaserkhalif   2018-01-07 05:46    

1. the vt are incorrect, game would crash. It should not says car.racers.Duhen; has to fixed.
2. remove this "//", java uses em as commentary (thus not get compiled).
3. some mod don't had vt, you probably can try to rescript it.

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