This is a real Launch Control mod, but useless because of the physics of the game (more grip at launch means slower acceleration :wtf:). You can set the launch rpm from the block, the same way than the idle and the redline. On track, you have to press the "R" key to activate or desactivate.
This mod was tested on the original version 2.2.1mwmw and the BigBoss93's version. Thanks to him to let me use his Track.java.
Installation (at your own risk): choose an option and extract all the files from the option folder to the main folder of the game, and combine/replace if is needed.

1.   Posted by DHR   2018-02-20 17:46    

Nice, but what do you mean the faster the tires spin the faster you go? If I spin the tires my car moves way less.. But I am using my own physics so that might change something (or not?)

2.   Posted by 9kRPM   2018-02-20 18:08    

Yes, maybe change something. Test it with launch and without it in a drag track.

3.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2018-02-21 16:20    

Wow that's nice!

4.   Posted by gorgoil   2018-02-21 20:52    

it crashes my game if using V8 engines :(

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