What is love?

- Hand made models;
- Hand made scripts (99,9% sure that it won't crash your game);
- Realistic materials;
- Sizes differ on rim model, so no 20" JDM classics;
- Made to fit BB93 3D Tyres 2.

Known bugs:
- Except some little model bugs, there are none (that I've found). If you find one let me know in comments.

Feel free to reupload wherever you want, just put me as author. And if you want to convert it to another game, PM me and we'll talk.

Do you like my mods? Do you want more to come?

Fun fact: it takes few vodka bottles to make a wheel*.
*Not really, but you still can buy me one
pizza or something

Updated 02/06/18:

Fixed 19" 3SDM 3.66 FX3
1.   Posted by Bad.Compqny   2018-05-20 14:11    

Alan this is sicker then cancer,fucking thanks

2.   Posted by creaper21   2018-05-21 16:56    

Great Wwork i'm downloading this straight away... :pathead:

3.   Posted by thor-04   2018-05-21 20:17    

thanks for those, and nice url

4.   Posted by Wypple   2018-05-21 21:46    

Best rim packs ever!! thanks dude!

5.   Posted by StratoWolf   2018-05-22 16:13    

You did a good job there Alan.

6.   Posted by hamburper   2018-05-23 00:34    

so whens the one with the volk r787b

7.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2018-05-23 07:22    

Thank you all :D

Hamburper - mind checking lists?

8.   Posted by creaper21   2018-05-26 15:40    

Why does the prievew picture change daily?

9.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2018-05-26 19:33    

Why not? :D

10.   Posted by Cemt   2018-05-29 18:30    

i am looking for the red supra at the prievew picture

11.   Posted by Mamoru   2018-06-02 05:24    

Hey dude, I found a bug.
Wheels 3SDM 19 radius.
The model has a size of 18 radii, and the rubber is worn both on 19 and the disks themselves in the 19-radius catalog

12.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2018-06-02 10:39    

Fixed it, redownload

13.   Posted by MrBucketPlanks   2018-06-03 10:52    

Good job Alan! :awesome: :woot: :thumbsup: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :bananajump: :dnfnoob:

14.   Posted by Daniel   2018-06-16 16:04    

The Cosmis wheel is also wrong size, atleast for 19".


15.   Posted by Evge163рус   2019-04-10 10:19    

хочется видеть еще Kee"s Rimpack 10

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