My first car for drag

It's a Dragster for RWD engines 4 inline includes 2 helmets Fiat 128iava and Citroen 2cv done for drag.

Thank's Lucas Perez for the help with material pintable and the helmets.

Enjoy! :D

The back rims, tyres and engine not include's in the mod, they are WIP.
1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-05-30 13:05    

Please add some pictures!

2.   Posted by Erio   2017-05-30 20:25    

EXELENTE!!!!!!!!!!! FELICITACIONES !!!!!!!!!!!!

3.   Posted by Alexkiller3   2017-05-31 06:24    

It is very nice but,firts you need to make it a little bit higher.Second you have to put more bodies like muscle cars and something like top fuel bodies.

4.   Posted by jannekoskinen   2017-06-01 07:59    

Could you maybe make panels for the chassis so it becomes a true dragster. I love the car by the way.

5.   Posted by t.mendes   2017-07-02 16:50    

fiat engine link?

6.   Posted by casititas   2017-07-06 03:02    

The engine are wip!

7.   Posted by coleirowalter   2017-07-11 08:06    

engine link

8.   Posted by shatorche.1   2017-09-04 21:35    

zastava 128 niceee

9.   Posted by leonardo 1004   2018-02-19 19:42    

buen coche solo me gustaria que tenga ya las piezas esten puestas :thumbsup:

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