15 inch

Wheels were converted from Forza Motorsports 4 and Need for Speed SHIFT2 Unleashed.

Tires that are used: Magnum FORCE Mopar tire pack and Magnum FORCE Plymouth GTX

Its for SLRR 230LE/221MWM

Converted by Blast


Drag runner 15x5
Weld Magnum3 15x13
Weld Magnums 15x5
Weld Aluma Stars 15x11
Weld Aluma Stars 15x13
Weld Aluma Stars 15x15
Weld Aluma Stars 15x11 paintable
Weld Aluma Stars 15x5 paintable
1.   Posted by lovatelvini   2012-10-22 21:42    

Fine wheels, but only one question where I think the right tires (NAME)
Thank you.

2.   Posted by bagatur   2016-02-28 14:38    

any 15x15 drag tyres for this?

3.   Posted by hectoresquivel   2016-09-29 17:43    


4.   Posted by hectoresquivel   2016-09-29 17:43    


5.   Posted by leonardo 1004   2018-02-19 22:56    


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