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Players Classic 2016

2016-06-13 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (5)

Check out spoiler or hit HERE to go to full album.

Some of you may have been aware of this but a few of VStanced admins met up this weekend and went to Players Classic car show in Goodwood UK.

This is my coverage of the event and all the sexy metal that was on display! Enjoy, comment and share! :)


JapDay 2016 Coverage

2016-05-27 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (3)

Went to Japdays event here in UK, Castle Combe circuit and took a few pics for you guys! :)


Nissan 240sx beta

2016-05-23 - Poster: Johny_Bravo - Category: News    (10)

Released because Benjamin (Phonexius on Vstanced) leaked one of our 1st betas.

Click here for download page