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**Kangaroo-Friendly Photocomp** - WINNER

2018-07-15 - Poster: Bigg Boss93 - Category: News    (1)

Grats to tomaukz for winning the Kangaroo-Friendly PhotoComp!

There has been plenty of stunning pictures in this comp, i'm looking forward for what will be up in the next one!

Gonna open a new competition soon, unless my brain gets melt by this hot weather. :D


Red Zenki

2018-07-04 - Poster: Gr1jkee - Category: News    (2)


Kangaroo-Friendly Photocomp - 1 Car Mod Comp Series Round 5

2018-06-30 - Poster: Bigg Boss93 - Category: News    (0)

Click the pic to enter the comp's page and make sure to read the rules before joining.

After a weird one, we are back to regular stuff. :D