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News - image hosting :)

2010-04-19 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (2)

Sup all! :) well today i thoughy to my self.. we have a fully unlimited server.. why not get an image hosting? :) i know i personally get really annoyed with slow imageshack or out of bandwidth photobucket

And the link

Click ME!

use it as much as you want :) everything should load fast and work fine if you get any problems let me know by PM - Jesus Christ

the size of the image is limited to 5mb, if you want it increased tell me :)


Scion xB!! :) first VSTANCED.COM video is up ;)

2010-04-18 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (10)

nothing much ;) quick preview-ish of the scion ;)


Welcome !

2009-01-26 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (2)

Welcome to Virtual Stanced!
This site is dedicated to the proper Stancing of cars in various games, of course you can post you're own rides too.

But first if you're new, introduce yourself Here

Things we will be runing here!

Weekly stanced cars - admins(franco/jesus/maryus/jaziba) will get 4-5 of the best/fave cars from the week and post in news :) so start posting! good luck :P

this will not be going every week tho! we will have competitions for car of the week/month and other things to keep community active! so join in :)

Remember we have VStanced chan! x] post funny videos/images/jokes etc doesn't matter.. feel free we are not restricting much :)

Read the simple rules so you know what size sigs you can use! :)


Big thanks to GOM-TEAM for supporting us!

also visit other slrr sites


Play by the rules, roll hard and enjoy this site, see you in the forums!

The Administrators from VStanced