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Sticker competition voting!

2018-08-13 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (0)

So the vote is on, it is being held at our facebook group! pinned post right at the top :) if you're not yet a member join in here -; VStanced Group and vote! design with the highest number of likes/reactions is the winner! Good luck.


**Hippie-Friendly Photocomp** - WINNER

2018-08-06 - Poster: Bigg Boss93 - Category: News    (2)

Grats to HardFFlip for winning the Hippie-Friendly PhotoComp!

This was an hell of a competition filled with so many great pictures(i may as well repost a few on our fb page), hope to see y'all joining the next comp too!

Stay tuned.


RP Ride of the Month July

2018-08-04 - Poster: saletl - Category: News    (2)

Ride of the Month July by Radcoon

no pic-upload this time ;)