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German VS JDM 3

2017-04-09 - Poster: Lagano - Category: News    (3)

Here's a video of the 3rd German VS JDM car meet in Villesse, Italy, 8th April 2017.
I also took some photos, they're not the best cause the meeting was really late at night but oh well.
Click here for the photos!

This is the first video on our new channel, make sure to check out videos that we'll make later on! :)


**High Rollers PhotoComp**

2017-03-18 - Poster: Bigg Boss93 - Category: News    (0)


How to get started in FiveM drifting

2017-03-18 - Poster: Coprone - Category: News    (0)

So, I lately found out that FiveM (now FiveReborn) for GTA V is happening again. What is the FiveReborn? It's a standalone client/application for GTA V that has their own servers. Exactly like SAMP for GTA SA.

Here's a quick clip so you can see how cool is it. I'm playing on SidewaysInc server, that server has most of the famous Ebisu & other tracks. Other 2 servers have mountains & normal gta map. Mods & everything is serversided, that means you only have to download FiveM ( *LINK* ). After that, just add ( *LINK* ) & trainer ( *LINK* ) to your FiveM folder. That's all! Enjoy!