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**FREEEDOOOM** Photo Competition

2012-10-21 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (0)

Another competition is up! :) this time the theme is "Free" use which ever car you want! it needs to be released and not a WIP/VIP mod. You have 3 weeks to enter! :) Thread here - **THREAD**


Ford F150 SVT Raptor

2012-10-11 - Poster: maryus_x90 - Category: News    (2)

Click the pic to get it !


**SNAKE** PhotoCompetiton Winner

2012-10-03 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (2)

Well its the end of another competition! and the winner is - Franco!
Winning Picture

Congratulations Franco! :) awesome picture.

Lets start another PhotoCompetition at the same time! so, you voted - we listened :) this time we'll have a "Euro" competition and the car of choice is "VW BORA - By Franco"

Thread/Rules - HERE

Good luck EVERYONE