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**SNAKE** PhotoCompetition! * - VOTE NOW.

2012-09-26 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (4)

Thread here - CLICK - VOTE HERE Voting ends 1st of October 2012.

Rules of voting
* Do NOT vote for your self
* Do NOT ask your friends to vote for you

Either of these can result in suspension from future competitions and/or BAN.

Votes have now been RESETED and those that already have VOTED please vote AGAIN.


Scion FRS 2013 by razine

2012-08-31 - Poster: razine - Category: News    (3)


DarkSide - All you need to know

2012-07-25 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (38)

Ok, so i see a lot of people are bothered by DarkSide(DS)@Vstanced now let me explain why and how it works and how to get in it.

WHY?! - There are mods that modders haven't finished or don't want to release for what ever reasons they might have now for e.g. we take franco and his rim packs, the guy spends a lot of time moddeling them and released them to public the rims not only get uploaded to sites he did not give permission to but also the models get ripped of slrr and converted to GTA without any credit or permission asked from Franco - now to at least provide the rims to some people we have created DarkSide which is a part of a site where you can upload your mods and only people that are Trusted members of Vstanced get access to so the files are SAFE and still available to minority instead of no one. + it is also a great place to test BETA mods a good e.g. was my e28 it was tested by a lot of people the feedback was given and most of the bugs were fixed or will be fixed in the future and the mod is out in a better state to public.

How it works - its simple idea it is not accessible to anyone below rank 10 which is members and below if you're in "its rubbing" category which is the lowest one that can access DS count your self as a Trusted member of vstanced and enjoy the mods that you have access to!

How to get in - Again a lot of people mix this up with VIP this is NOT vip section and ill repeat my self again THIS IS NOT A VIP SECTION its intention was to make the mods AVAILABLE to those that actually DESERVE them and to keep them safe! to get in DS you don't need to be my friend or donate(like you do on some sites that have "VIP" sections) or kiss anyones butt either! all you have to do is be ACTIVE and HELPING member off VStanced so ADMINS can actually see how you act and how you are as a member and decide whether we CAN TRUST YOU to not SHARE and to RESPECT the authors.

So this has been answered, now lets go into idea how it will work.

So - Every 6 or so months I(Jesus Christ) or Franco will choose the members that we can trust and "up" their rank so they can get access to DarkSide

the 3 newest members of DS are;

joealex - Good guy seems to give a damn and actually try to mod on his own! which is why i respect him and he has got DS access

meskis - Again he has been around he's working on w/e he is able to do and he is respectful and helpful member of VStanced!

street[xx] - While he is not very [email protected] he is a good moder and he deserves to get access to DS too :) - hopefully we see more of his mods here.

so Gratz those that got access and treat it like your own d*ck because the rank can drop as you quick as it went up! :) there is no exception you share, you treat others like poop and you are gone. and loosing access as you can see is not something that will do much good - no future DS mods for you.

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