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#1   2019-05-13 11:21          
As many of you may now imagecode (the developers of our beloved street legal racing redline) has get over the project street tuning evolution (which was abandoned by Dave Singh in 2015) a new version of it in the marvellous unreal engine 4 which works in a wide range of pcs very well not as other engine that ask for high performance pc’s, they are working very hard but are few people and without big sponsorships behind because they decided to do it independently, they said that they will release a free demo as soon as they finish it and later an early acces (not free). If you can support them it would awesome because I really want that game to come out I continue playing slrr and in fact it still one of my favourite motorsport game although being old by far, I haven’t found any game that could replace it. You can support by several ways

1) (Free support) Add their new game to your steam wishlist so more people can see this game Steam page *LINK*

2) Buy the official street legal racing redline game with it lastest update as most of the money they get from its steam page it’s going into the STE(street tuning evolution) project. *LINK*

3) Be a patreon of the STE project *LINK*

I want to clarify that I am just a fan of street legal racing redline, I am related to any of the developers.

Facebook page *LINK*

Steam page of the developers *LINK*


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#2   2019-05-13 11:58          
this isnt new news also it wasn't abandoned it failed miserably because the community is split apart it never got its funding.