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#1   2019-05-12 15:08          
So I'm finally a driver and car owner :D

1998 Honda Civic EJ9 sedan
1.4l 90 hp


Already stickered up (VStanced slap, yo) :))
Also put some plates up from my collection because why not?

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#2   2019-05-13 15:29          
Wtf man, i saw the castle and i was like, is he in Veliko Tarnovo?!

Checked your profile then, and indeed you are. I love your place so much, hopefully i'll manage seeing it personally one day. :D

Back to the car, it looks pretty clean, is there any rust anywhere? I know that your winters arent so kind to cars :\
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#3   2019-05-13 15:59          
Daaam that's a hella clean civic congrats seems like a very nice beggining
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#4   2019-05-13 17:28          
S U P A C L E A N indeed! :D It's actually pretty similar to my car, 1998 and 90hp :))


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#5   2019-05-15 20:57          
Didn't know you have so much of an interest in Veliko Tarnovo, BB. Be sure to call if you visit. :D

It has only extremely small specs of rust on the bottom edge of some doors. I'm not sure if it's enough to worry about.

Now just wondering where to go with it (both places and modifications).


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#6   2019-05-15 21:44          
Looks really good, civics this clean are pretty hard to find these days.. now put the fart can on it or you're not really a civic owner jk

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