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sup everyone i know its stupid to do dis but im looking for slrr idk who made it or game name but i know there is lot of cars and u can edit engine position with screwdriver(aka the door/hood opener) and many engines thank u for reading and sorry if dis post was stupid or idiotic and i hope u will have great day

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theres litteraly a download section with the game sub section you'll find it there

I reccomend Light edition or bb93's one
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Here you have some *LINK* from there i recommend you the BB93_SLRR2015 90s euro by Miegalius (stable modded game with different cars than usual mods but only european cars, you will have to modify a file to change the cash that you get in every race because is set up at 1000 credits which for me is few but is easy to fix that:
# amilmand : There is a cash (array of ints) defined on line 1197 in the sl\Scripts\game\src\
you would want to update the lines below the definition which by default look like this:
cash[0] = 1000*clubIndex;
cash[1] = 2000*clubIndex;
cash[2] = 4000*clubIndex;
cash[3] =    0;

If you dont have the sources by default: LINK
(I highly recommend only copying over the java sources to the respective src directory which you are actually modifying)

Also in google you can search the slrr by jack v3 which is a highly modified and stable modded game.
Also there is a good compilation of mods in the youtube channel of Zerga, make sure to give him a good thumbs up,i recommend from there the injected by vlad 1.4.2 (not stable in windows 10) which also has drift apart from the valo drag and the slrr by smashing keyboard (slrr from a suscriber is the name of the video) who did an awesome update of the slrr by jack v2, making it avaible for windows 10 and also making a couple of changes and adding the drift track (shinjuku also avaible on the injected), but don't add any mod and also delete from cars/racers/ the folder cima_y33_data and cima_y33.rpk because it doesn't work and crash the game if selected.

And if you want a game to add some mods install the slrr 2.2.1 mwn, clean, stable, and updated standard version of slrr also the slrr stage 1 is good it has some rims but is a bit modified not so clean.

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