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"Spiritually, everything should be turbocharged" - Turbo Yoda.


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Working on finishing up a few pieces I started a long time ago. Might do an updated Juiced 2 wing pack to go with this car.


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That sounds delightful. Can't wait to see the rest of it mate.


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#924   2018-08-13 17:34          
Looks really sick!


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Any interest in a more subtle version of the HID headlights?


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Yeah, these look better than the previous version!


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Thanks! Yeah, I thought so too.

By the way, here's an update to my to-do list, because it has occurred to me that I haven't updated you all on the things I'm planning to do:

Actively In Progress

- Skyline R33 (obviously)

-- modernizing the chassis
--- engine bay
--- trunk bay and trunk liner
--- hood underside
--- stripping interior
--- gauge cluster stuff
-- sedan version
--- finishing the exterior
--- interior changes
--- door jambs
--- trunk bay and trunk liner
-- finishing body kits
--- fixing a small problem with the stock GT-R front bumper
--- GTS stock stuff
--- fixing Bomex stuff
--- Do-Luck GT-R side skirts (because they weren't included in J2)
--- Trial GTS & GT-R
--- Border Racing?
-- hoods
--- D-Max?
--- Border Racing
--- some others, idk

- Corvette C5 ("fast" convert)

-- basic C5 Z06 parts
-- roadster
-- fastback/targa
-- C5R version?

- Audi A5/S5/RS5 (ancient "fast" convert that I keep forgetting)

-- RHD chassis import
-- modern door jambs and door sills from new version?
-- a few more little bits
-- facelift front end???

- Generic wing pack (Juiced 2, Forza, etc)

- Assorted custom rims, to be announced

- Some stuff for someone else's mod I can't talk about yet

Foreseeable Future

- RB20/25/26/30 engine pack

- Aftermarket brake pack

- Mustang SN95 1994-1998 mod

- Mustang Foxbody 1979-1993 new version (plus maybe Mercury Capri??)

- Mustang SN95 1999-2004 revisions

- Mustang S197 2005-2009 revisions

- Pontiac Fiero small update (fixed physics, notchback version)

Maybe Later

- HQ driver mod

-- 2-6 drivers, including female driver(s?)
-- models maybe from The Sims 2
-- variant textures
-- MWM driver selector mod? idk

- Toyota MR2 SW20

- Mitsubishi 3000GT / Dodge Stealth Z16A

- Nissan Skyline V36 / Infiniti G37 Coupe (plus Convertible?)

- Nissan 350Z?

- Mustang S197a 2010-2014 small modernization fixes

Maybe Eventually Someday?? (in no particular order)

- Ford Falcon FG

- Holden Monaro / Pontiac GTO (maybe Commodore sedan?)

- Lexus IS300 / Toyota Altezza XE10

- Mazda RX-8 SE3P

- Hyundai Genesis Coupe

- BMW E92 (plus E90 sedan?)

- Mazda RX-7 FD / FC

- Honda NSX NA1/NA2

- Toyota Supra A70

- Porsche Boxster 986

- Audi TT 8J

- Nissan GT-R R35

- Lexus IS350 / IS F XE20

- Nissan Skyline R32

- Ford Mustang S550 (GT, GT350, maybe GT500 if it ever comes out)

- BMW E46

- Subaru Impreza GD and/or GR/GV, and/or Legacy BL

- Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution CT9A /CZ4A

- Volvo C30

- Honda Civic EK9/EM1

- Chevrolet Corvette C6

- Chevrolet Camaro '98-'02

- Pontiac Firebird '98-'02

- Pontiac Solstice / Saturn Sky?

- Holden Commodore VE remake? VF update?

- Jaguar XK? Aston Martin Vantage?

- Alfa Romeo Giulia??

- Subaru SVX??

- Nissan Skyline R31??

- Honda Civic FA/FD sedan???


- All my other life stuff, lol

Added 7 minutes later:

Of course, everything I said above will depend on a few things:
- My health, and not needing to spend more time at a "real job" or on other projects.
- Turn 10 and other companies continuing to be as permissive as they have been about people converting and modifying their models on a non-commercial basis.
- SLRR not completely dying off / me not moving to another game.

A few words on the reason why I do this, by the way:

I know that the automotive hobby moves fast, and lots of cars and car parts are often forgotten completely as cars are destroyed (accidents, rust, legal reasons) or stored away in sheds for collectors. The nature of the hobby also excludes people who can't spend money or time on car stuff. My purpose here is to try and create an archive of everything of interest to me in the automotive world, as well as I can, so that everyone can share this and have fun.

Actual road automobiles also may not last that much longer. Many places in Europe are already starting to ban gasoline automobiles, and soon we may see the complete elimination of everything but electric self-driving cars. While I fully understand why this may happen in practical terms, sentimentally speaking, it would be a massive loss: it will forever close off huge parts of automotive history by, in all likelihood, destroying the "fossil record" associated with it.

Sometimes I wish it was as simple as wholeheartedly throwing my backing behind the Forza Motorsport game series, but exclusivity with Microsoft means that there's a financial barrier to participating in that. I also often don't like how "manicured" Forza's car collection and body kit selection can be, where only the most sought-after and memorable editions of cars tend to be remembered, even if most people have more experience with the more common versions, and a lot of the breadth of customization possibilities tends to be missed.

If I had the resources, I would do all of this on a 100% original basis. I would go out there with a 3D scanner accurate down to the cubic micron, and I would scan every car I could find, and every variant of every car, and compile a massive encyclopedic database. Ideally, it would be fantastic to be able to create theoretically 3D printable versions of every single classic car in automotive history, so that nothing is ever truly lost. But we don't live in that world, and in particular, I don't have the resources to do that. (Plus, I think the car companies would be upset if people could just duplicate everything they made 10 years ago.)

So we are instead left with the next best thing: video games. For the past five years or so, 3D models of cars haven't been getting any more complicated. Yes, shaders and textures have gotten much better; yes, we are starting to see more of the inside parts of cars; and yes, dimensional accuracy has been getting better due to 3D scanning. But the polygon density within any given square centimeter of a car model's surface hasn't gotten significantly higher, especially with Forza and Gran Turismo and Need For Speed all using functionally the same polygon density since about 2012 in each model. Unless a revolution in graphics processing power comes along, and every commercial game company starts getting much more serious about intricate detail, it's reasonable to expect that models created today will remain comparable and current for the foreseeable future. This is the biggest reason that I feel comfortable investing time in making all of these 3D models.

And even if this stuff doesn't stay current, my intention with my mods is to keep everything fresh in memory, so that if someone with better technology does come along eventually, it'll help them know what to look for when they make whatever comes next.

Thanks for your ongoing support, folks.

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Aww yeh!
RCD the SLRR legend.



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#929   2018-11-14 10:05          
# RedCarDriver :

Maybe Eventually Someday?? (in no particular order)

- Hyundai Genesis Coupe



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#930   2018-11-14 14:57          
Man, you are fckin beast! Im waiting for your future relasaes, and im crossing my fingers for your succesfull work! Keep it up!


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#931   2018-11-14 16:52          
I'd actually wanna help with the NSX, Impreza, Evo, and the RX-8(Since i've just been stocking up on every 3d converted model on each.The idea was to combine the models together and optimize) It'd be really easy to do a Evo pack, since they barely-never changed from the VII-IX.
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