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I used BB's Duplicate Part Tutorial to create a duplicate Engine Block, Crankshaft, Connecting Rods and Pistons for a 2.2 Stroker Kit. Now I have them in game but the parts become incompatible with everything else when I buy one of them. Example, I buy the 2.2 Block and the crank etc becomes incompatible (even the stock parts). Ive hit a wall where I can't figure out where ive gone wrong. Any ideas?

Ill post the files if required, or screenshots whichever is better..

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Compatible goes like this:



where ID always stands for the typeID of the original block, this way you'll make so that even if the new parts typeID is different than the one all the attachment parts(heads, crankshaft etc) are set to attach to, it'll be recognized as if it were the original block.
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