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#1   2018-11-03 15:50          
Yo. Anyone have packs with cars+engines/sounds for Steam version?
I have a couple of mods from here but I'm way too picky and I feel like I probably am missing out on a lot
If you want to share your addon folder or know a great pack let me know B) B)


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#2   2018-11-03 17:12          
There are a few mod packs in the download section but not for the Steam version. Just try out the mods you like and check if they work in that version too, SLRR is a game that you should build yourself after all! :)


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#3   2018-12-04 14:57          
Here's my tips.

If you can modify the mods, take the one that works on 2.3.0, since slrr steam 2.3.1 is more closer to 2.30, having similarities like:
  • Engine catalogs
  • Lacking of track selector
  • and the RPK internal structure

However, there's a catch: SLRR steam version ultilises custom gearbox scripting, and pedal mechanism on car that worked together. Simply put, you cannot run the car if your trans is auto, but the pedal is for manual ones. Both of them doesn't exist in 2.3.0. It need to be worked out.

With that being said, car and engine mods needs to be reworked a bit.

But, wheel and tyre mods will likely to work just fine, due to no alterations at all.
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