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# Sleepin mOnkey : mah boy you seem to be rippin those cars without a doubt r34 must be way better with a spooly boi now we should rip he and the vert some time or maybe a gotbi ver meet tho

I really love ripping these cars man, they're a blast to drive! :cheers:
The HR34 felt compeletely different with the snail added on but it's quite fantastic as well! :D

And yeah we gotta meet up for a vert meet man! :cheers:

# RocketBunnyS13 : AYYYY that was an epic Tsukuba update! Damn I was just there with my S14, didn't get a chance to see you sadly. ER34 needs that turbski yo! And for suspension work I HIGHLY recommend 326Power Chakuriki GT+S Coilovers. Also rad to see Rifky's DC5 (best one on the forums!) and Muzahid's E46 (hottest one on the forums!) getting some track time.

Oh so you were there too man? I swear I didn't see your S14 though, but I think Muza eventually did. Let's wait for his words shall we :D
326 stuff should fit Kaede and probably the HR34 very well, might as well try it! :D
I'm glad I've got to see Rifky's DC5 and Muza's E46 again, as well as running along beside them in different environtments! :D

And YAY FINALLY NEW PAGE! It should be now easier to load this thread without literally a ton of pics, soz for that :))

# BigSmoke :
Two Sides of the Coin

With the rest week over, it is time to get back into the action one more time!
And this time I'm not alone as some of my friends joined into the action as well!
And uh, there's also something I should tell you as well. Don't worry, nothing big actually.
But as usual, let's delve into them by checking the update below!

[24 Jun 2019]
Paycheck time! Yap another V$940 landed safely into my pocket as usual. As you might remember form the last update, Rifky(Shez) has agreed to enter the third round of Eastern Kanto Circuit Trial Championship with me, and I offered to pay the registration fee for him as well. To my delight, he agreed and seemed enthusiastic about it. After all it's been a while since the last time he had a proper trackday, and it seems his DC5 has been undergoing a major upgrade as well. So obviously it needs a proper proving ground to see how the upgrades affected his DC5.

So before I register myself and Rifky into the event, I asked him over the details of himself and his DC5 so I can accurately enter them in order to be assigned into one of the four classes of EKCTC. Turns out Rifky still has his MSV-issued MSA UK racing license he brought over from England, which can be used as a replacement of JAF license that is required to enter. It is a good thing JAF is kind enough to accept and evaluate international racing licenses, as well as national racing licenses from other countries. Seeing as his license came from the home of lots of motorsport discipline and series, including Formula 1 and rallycross racing, and the one issuing the license is a well-known name in UK Motorsport as well (they own Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Donington Park, and Cadwell Park to name a few. The owner is the Palmer family, whose dad(Jonathan) and son(Jolyon) has raced in F1), I'm pretty sure Rifky's chance to qualify for the event is more than absolute ;)

Ah yes, if you didn't remember the class system, let me refresh your memory again:
NT1: <=1600cc Road cars, including MX-5s of all generation, but no VTEC/MIVEC/Similar sytsem allowed
NT2: <=2000cc 2WD and 4WD Road cars
NT3: >2000cc 2WD and 4WD Road cars, as well as rotary-engined cars
AT: Anything from above-well, pretty much anything with automatic transmission

As per usual my Silver Queen will enter the NT3 class. And seeing as Rifky's DC5 is equipped with K20A engine, you'd expect him to enter NT2 class right? Well turns out Rifky had installed a stroker kit inside his DC5 like I did to my Evo, therefore bumping him into the NT3 class. Yep, not only I've got companion for this round, he'll be racing in the same class as me! :D As for the stroker kit, I'll let him tell you about it some time.

And as the last step, I asked him to pick a number he likes as his car's start number. In the end he picked number 5, and fortunately no one has picked it yet. Speaking of which, JAF and it's sanctioned series and auto clubs would usually differ numbers that has the same value but different number of digits. So in this case, had someone picked '5' for Rifky's start number, he could alternatively pick '05' or '005' instead. And with everything sorted, I sent him the directions to Tsukuba Circuit for the main event at Thursday. And oh, the registration costed me V$340 in total.

"Hang on Smoke, a race at Thursday?" Well yes- "I though races are held at weekends?" WELL YES, it's at Thursday since the track is used for D1GP season opener (though technically it's been opened with an exhibition at Odaiba) at both Saturday and Sunday, where D1GP will have a double-header event there. Actually this year's D1GP calendar composed almost entirely of double-header events, with the final round at Autopolis being the only single event. In total there will be seven rounds held at Tsukuba, Tokachi Speedway, Ebisu and Autopolis. Back to the calendar issue, this results in some trackday events and the Circuit Trial to be rescheduled earlier, except for those that takes place at the 1000 Junior course and the Gymkhana lot course.

After registering both of us, I surfed the internet for a while and found an announcement: To celebrate the D1GP opener, there will be an open drift session at Tsukuba Circuit at Friday evening, when all the D1 teams have finished unloading their cars and finished their track walks and/or paid practices. The session runs for a full hour from 16.00 to 17.00, and all kinds of drift cars are free to join. With this in mind, and having never drifted at Tsukuba despite experiencing multiple trackdays and competitive events, I decided to join in the fun. But I would like to have someone to share the fun and delivering inputs to my HR34, so I hatched a plan..........

"Yo Muza(Niatross), it's me Edo. Hopefully I don't disturb your work at Omori"
"Oh hey Edo! Don't worry man, I'm pretty much finished for the day. Sup?"
"So I've come across this event announcement, a drift day at Tsukuba"
"Ooooo interesting, when is it?"
"Friday this week at evening. I'm sure you've finished working by then"
"Probably, but chances are I indeed have. I think I could join in"
"YAY! But how about the others?"
"AJ had his own dose of Tsukuba drift already, and he's restoring his RS13U at the moment. As for Marc, you know him"
"Ah I it's only you and me then?"
"Yeah, I'm afraid"
"It's okay though, see ya at Friday my man!"
"See ya there boi"

So there you go, Muza has agreed to join me as well. For the rest of the day, I tried doing Ziga(Lagano)'s suggestion of peeling Kaede's rubber trim (the 240SX vert, if you're wondering) for a cleaner look. After some amount of fuel to remove the glue and polish to refine the results, safe to say he's right indeed. The clean 90s kyusha vibe is even stronger with this one ;)

I plan to attach this slap sticker on Kaede as well, which features......someone named Kaede. Would this fit the vert or should I leave it clean? Let me know! (And my stickers collection has just been updated, feel free to look at and/or pick them here!)

[26 Jun 2019]
Finally, after a loooooooong wait, all of the original parts of Kaede the vert I've put for sale has been sold, netting me a grand total of V$800. But if you're looking for other parts from me, don't worry, chances are some are coming soon to the parts classifieds. Here, I give you a bit of hint: I'm considering to change the wheels of my Silver Queen and HR34.

For the Silver Queen, after hearing suggestions from Muza and AJ(RocketBunnyS13), it looks like I'm going to switch into Volk ZE40s. They're strong track wheels, can be ordered in dark colours at no additional price, and more importantly, 0.5 kg/wheel lighter than the TC105Ns I currently use. The weight saving might be meagre on paper, but hey, in motorsport, every gram counts. And the wheel design itself actually looked like TC105N in some ways. I'm automatically sold.

For the HR34, I've been aspiring to fit Advan TC3s on it. It looks quite fitting and cool to be fit on R34s and drift cars in general. It's ultra strong and quite sturdy for drifting purposes. Normally they're available in gloss or chrome finishes, and I'm seeking the chrome one to complement the HR34's current simple look.

The only problem would be I can't actually buy them yet. Both wheels are rather expensive and I'm aiming to save some money in order to continue the progress of my S15 TA build, which now focused on aero works first. Oh well, to the wishlist they go.

[27 Jun 2019]
IT'S RACEDAY! Just like at the round 2, the Circuit Trial race is held by Team Magnus Auto Club (TMAC). The circuit trial starts after lunch, with driver's briefing held at 11.30, so I don't need to go at early morning. After preparing my race suit and spares as usual, I went off from my crib to Tsukuba Circuit at 09.30. Thankfully brunch time means traffic wasn't so crowded. It was a hot day though, so AC is deployed on full power. Summer has come indeed, and it isn't being kind to me so far.

After arriving to the circuit's gate to pick up the timer beacons and number stickers, I went to the paddock to apply them. This time, I was beaten to my favourite parking spot. But the good thing is, it's Rifky who occupied it! I'm glad he eventually made it to the event! So I giddily parked my Evo beside his DC5, which already has race number stickers attached on the doors. Admittably, my Silver Queen looks timid when it's parked beside the DC5, which turns out has undergo huge changes aside from the stroker kit. Just look at that beauty! :D

"RIFKY MY MAAAAAAAAAN! Finally you're here!"
"AAAAAY EDO! I'm glad I could be here man, the cars here are awesome man! Are they going to race as well?" *points at other cars*
"Most likely so. Ah anyway how's the trip from Tokyo?"
"Had to go from Gunma to Tokyo yesterday evening, which was pure hell. But today's ride to Tsukuba is much better"
"Ah did you drive on the expressway as well?"
"Oh yes! That's pure joy as well, though I can't go as quick as I expected due to traffic. And uh, one thing"
"What is it?"
"Do you know how to install these?" *hands the timer beacons*
"Oh sure sure, let me install it for you. Watch and learn"

And so, I installed the timer beacons to Rifky's DC5 before installing mine to my Evo, as well as applying number stickers to it as well. And then I went off to the bathroom to answer my call of nature, and then to the locker to change into my racing suit. If you're wondering, Rifky has his own gloves and boots, but he simply wears long sleeves and jeans to race. As for the helmet, he rented one from the equipment rental, which is located beside the circuit's canteen. To kill time before the driver's briefing starts, we had some chatter with other drivers and attending enthusiasts and fans, as well as introducing Rifky to the amateur competition world.

Driver's briefing started and our cars are put under parc ferme condition. For the format of the race, as I've explained before, racers are given only one session to score their time, which consists of five laps: One to get off the pits and warm up, three to score your time, and one to get back into the pits. And as usual we're spilt into some groups of 2-3 cars for the running.

There are 30 cars for the day, which consists of 12 NT3 cars including mine ad Rifky's, 10 in NT2 and 8 in NT1. Understandably and for obvious reason, there's no entry in the AT class. Rifky will start 5th, while I'll start 10th. Thankfully we'll run the cars after lunch so there are still some time to have lunch and do the last-minute preparations before getting into the car. And it looks like Rifky enjoyed the lunch menu a lot here! :D

It's time to race! Because he's running earlier, Rifky already lined up at the pit exit. As for me, I'm still waiting at the pitlane with AC on full blow. Of course I already told Rifky to turn off his.

Pit lights went green and Rifky's on his way to set his first lap of Tsukuba. Although we had a thorough discussion over how the track goes along the day, we didn't have any sort of track walks, and as I've mentioned he never had a track day here or anywhere else in Japan, so I was a bit worried. I can only hope he could learn quickly.

Loud engine blares were heard from distance and Rifky blasted past the main straight, marking his first hot lap here. His DC5 sounded like an angry legion of hornets with the new stroker. Then he enters T1, fighting understeer in the process.

In the process Rifky seems to learn quickly and produced blistering lap times. I don't have stopwatch on my hands so I have to do by counting with fingers, but from what I can tell he's adapting quickly and his lap times are relatively fast.

In his last final hot lap I had a good feeling this would be his fastest, so naturally I screamed "COME ON BOY PUSH NOW!" internally as he started the lap. Not sure how this ended up at the moment, but of course we'll get to this later.

Finally, Rifky finished his first day at Tsukuba and scored his first lap times. He went for a cooldown lap and returned to the pits. And with the next group running for the track, I turned my Evo's AC off and my group prepares ourselves in the pit exit.

With the group before us finished their hotlaps, as they went past T1, lights went green and we were off for our session. Here we go for the last laps before summer break kicks in! And oh, the weather might be cloudy when it's my turn to run, but weather forecasts shows no sign of rain. The air was still hot as well, giving one last sauna torture inside my Silver Queen.

It looks like lowering my Evo does have a good effect for it, as my exit for the last corner went much faster and stable. Though this means I have to modify my approach for most of the hairpins so far, I really hope to improve my laptime this time, even if I can't touch 58 seconds territory here.

First impression felt quite good nonetheless, boosting my confidence. This might ended up as my best lap I've ever had. But for now, I gotta curb my enthusiasm. Particularly since both the air and asphalt are hot, frying me, my engine and my tyres simultaneously like I've been thrown into a huge oven.

Lap 2
Lap 1 went very well, much better than I expected. This made my pace for Lap 2 felt better as well, and I've adapted my driving style over the lowered suspensions quickly. Now I've got the clear idea how to drive the Silver Queen even faster.

Now, I have absolutely no idea if this setting will be friendly with other tracks, like, say, Nikko, but so far it doesn't compromize me on public roads (though obviously it absolutely dislikes potholes now) and look, it suits Tsukuba much better, so I guess I'll keep my Silver Queen this way (apart from the ZE40 switch plans obviously).

Lap 3
Final lap! As usual I tried to give all I could so score one more laptime, since it could be a game changer. Since it's very hot inside at the moment, I tried to regulate my breathing in order to keep my concentration and rythm around the track. This is one hell of an unhealthy sauna I should tell you, but nevertheless it's fun and I enjoyed it! :))

As I reached the back straight, everything felt like it's almost disappear, as if I warped into another place with the raucuous, screaming 4G63 engine as the soundtrack. Thankfully, I was still aware enough to notice the final corner. Though does this translate into a fast lap remains to be seen.

Finally, I crossed the line. I took a deep breath and almost choked by my own breath after crossing the line. Cue myself heavily coughing as I enter T1. Thankfully it doesn't turn into something worse, and thus I returned into the pits safely.

Finally, everyone has fnished running despite some yellow flags in between and the last car has returned to the pits. I and Rifky went to the stewards office to return the timer beacons. Then as we wait for the final results to be announced, I and Rifky had more and more banters with other drivers as we compared our laps and experience, as well as with other enthusiasts and fans.

And for once, Silver Queen received not a lot of attention. The star of the paddock definitely was Rifky's DC5. Rifky turned out to be a fast newcomer, as well as his DC5 looks very fit for purpose, which of course is a perfect recipe to grab instant fame here :))

The results are here! Let's see how I and Rifky did for this event........................

First off, Rifky's result.
Lap 1 = 1 minute 03.328 seconds
Lap 2 = 1 minute 01.667 seconds
Lap 3 = 1 minute 01.527 seconds

That last lap's time was great enough for him to secure 9th place in class and 10th place overall! And turns out he was the fastest FWD driver of the day as well, though sadly there's no honor for that and he was actually the sole FWD entry of our class. But this proves that Rifky's competence, skills and potential are a lot and is definitely one to watch should he ever make a comeback. I'm glad his first track time in Japan actually ends up very well! And as the reward for finishing in those positions, Rifky receives 2 points in the class standings, 1 point in the overall standings, memorabilias from TMAC as the host of the event, as well as V$100 for the class result and another V$100 for the overall result. I'm not sure if he'll ever going for a TA event again, but if he does, he might still be able to qualify for the championship standings.

And now, my own result.
Lap 1 = 59.534 seconds
Lap 2 = 59.193 seconds
Lap 3 = 58.992 seconds

OH HOLY S**T WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! The lowering upgrade actually works very, very well indeed! I never expected to touch the 58 seconds territory yet I actually (barely) did it! But what's more unbelievable is this: That lap was enough to have me finish at 3rd place, both in class and overall!! I seriously can't believe this! Not only I have scored a new personal best, I also have set my best racing result so far. Everyone who knows me from the Tsukuba CIrcuit Trial Series and some other, including Rifky, congratulated me for the result. We in turn also congratulated Rifky as well for his spectacular debut.

As for me, here's what I net: I received 15 points for both the class standings and overall standings. This gave me a huge bump at both standings, where now I'm sitting 6th in class and 8th overall. I also received bronze medal for the class podium, as well as a trophy (finally!) for the overall podium. As for the monetary prizes, I won V$750 for the class result and V$1000 for the overall result.

After the podium celebration, I and other drivers celebrated the result. But being a regional event, there was no champagne to be found even for the official podium ceremony, so we have to substitute the champagne with lots of soft drinks bought by the drivers bar me and Rifky. Cue myself and other winners having a Sprite and 7up bath thanks to Rifky and other drivers spraying them for us for the rest of the evening :)) Thankfully, this was done near the canteen, so our cars were safe from the soda torture. After washing my hair in the bathroom and one last call of nature, I and Rifky left the track, with me still in my wet racing suit and Rifky totally being wet from his sweat and the soda sprays.

[28 Jun 2019]
With the grip action over, it is now time for going sideways! As I've mentioned earlier, the event starts at 16.00 so I can go to the track a bit later. But here's a problem: Tsukuba is a pretty fast track even for grip purpose, while so far my HR34 has only drifted at Nikko, which has much slower character. I'm not sure how much power my HR34 currently rolls on, but I reckon it might be too slow for going around the track, let alone going sideways around the track. Thankfully though I still saved the RB25DET turbo from AJ, which still has the OEM turbo and pipings set on. As a precaution should my hipothesis comes true, I brought them along to the track.

When I come to the track, my usual spot has been occupied again, but this time it's Muza and his E46 that occupies it. Just like Rifky's DC5, Muza's E46 has undergo a lot of changes since the last time I saw them. Now it wears full-on CSL kit, sitting on R34 stock wheels, had a custom exhaust and obviously sitting ultra low with lots of camber around. I though this thing was going to be a grip build! The Bavarian Knight has undergo a complete diversion it seems.

As we waited for the track to be green-lit for the run, I and Muza spent some time chattering about the HR34, the changes done on the M3, and my podium the day before. Muza had a rather busy day at Oomori it turns out, and he's still a bit tired. So he told me that he'll going down to the track, but only for several laps to assess the M3 after all the upgrades done to it.

Eventually, we're ready to run. Muza told me to run first, and he'll catch up later as he opted to do some final adjustments. And so, I lined up at the pit exit.

Lights went green and I went.......into a pool of issues. Of course I can't immediately going sideways at T1, but for the chicane afterwards it didn't have the power to go sideways. Even it has none for the hairpin, which prompts me to pull the handbrake. And it's not a hydro handbrake, so keeping up with the car's rythm is a bit difficult. The power issue bugged me so much eventually I didn't take the final corner sideways in fear of crashing or gravel bathing.

I tried to do a walltap as well. It was successful........kinda. I also failed to do a proper manji entry as I almost cannonballed the HR34 into T1 with somehow entirely locked wheels. This almost destroyed the car and myself. Eventually I can define the problem: The car could pull a drift, but so far I have a problem on holding it sideways.

How about Muza, you ask? Iit looks like he had fun in the E46 even if it's only for while. He were flowing nicely in the E46, frying the tyres like a five-star Michelin star restaurant chef (no, he didn't use Michelin Pilots sadly). Even though E46 is a rare species to be drifted around Japan, it feels like home going sideways here. Ad Muza is arguably the first guy to properly fling an E46 here: Well there was Ryuji with his own E46, but his drift were a form of save from a spin in a grip trackday, so that can't be counted I guess.

He also didn't hold back when it come to the approach of the last corner and T1, where not only he deliviered a lightning fast drift at the last corner, he chained it with a reverse entry at T1! As you can guess, this prompted a fair amount of cheering and hollering from everyone at the paddock. All in all, Muza let himself and his E46 loose and wild once more even though he only went into the track for a while.

After some time, I had enough with the lack of power in the HR34, so I went back into the pits. Shortly after Muza went back as well.

And so, I and Muza spent some time installing and prepping the turbo kit into the RB20DE engine to make a quick solution over the lack of power. We did this quite quickly, as if we're a pit crew in an endurance race. So We gut the front a bit to ease the process........

......install the turbo and the piping, and return the body parts. It is a good thing that RB20, RB25 and RB26 has the same head construction so their parts can be mixed and matched easily and saves quite a lot of time and effort on installing them, as I've once explained here. Welp, the installation might felt like a makeshift lab grade work, but hey, at least it (might just) works.

As we've done the work, Muza was suddenly approached by someone that by the looks of it might has connection to or working for ASSIST, a famous Japanese tuner house that usually works on BMWs. Muza told me he had enough for the day and will wait for me in the paddock while he has a banter with the ASSIST representative. Well I don't mind really, so I went back to the pitlane to enjoy the rest of the allocated time. Noticeably though the car now backfires at some time. Maybe because it still runs NA internals while being turboed.

The turbo installation really has it's magical effects to the car's performance and behaviour. Not only now it's much, much faster, it's also a bit more rowdy and keen to go sideways. This results in much easier and controllable drifts......and also a lot of backfires in between. And oh, also my first reverse entry as well! :D

This also allows me to do what Muza did before: Have a fast drift at the last corner, connect it with a manji and walltap and the main straight, and connect it with a drift around T1. Previously it was pretty much impossible to do, but now? It's a piece of cake arguably, though admittably I'm still a bit too afraid to do a wall tap. I guess I grew up loving this thing soooo much......time for a new missile I guess? Preferably with a car I could feel less remorse when I crash it of course.

The drift day gave me quite an insight of how to enjoy Tsukuba in a different, brand new way. Drifting here requires a different mindset and approach compared to when I have a track day here. But despiyte this, I still could have fun and enjoy the ride along the way. Just like those two sides of a coin.

Finally, the alloted time to run is over. I went back to the pits to meet Muza and uninstalling the turbo. Yes, it might be powerful and helps me on drifting faster (and going faster in general), but it seems like it had some arguments with the egine internals given the constant backfiring it results along the run.

After a short evaluation over my HR34 and Muza's E46, we parted ways to our own cribs. Speaking about the turbo, I want to have them again, but I gotta balance the setup first. And I guess it is time to have a proper brakes, handbrake and suspension setup for the HR34. But uh, there are still lots of things I have to sort first.

[01 Jul 2019]
Paycheck time again! Yup another V$940 landed on my wallet safely, as well as the monetary prizes from the Eastern Kanto Circuit Trial Championship. For July and August there will be no time attack action at all at both Tsukuba and Nikko as Japan enters summer break. Both are still open for track days though, but so far I have no plans to do one in either locations. I would like to have another tour to Tokyo as well, but it looks like Muza will face busy days at Omori as Nissan drivers seeking summer discounts on parts, AJ still have to sort his RS13U and Marc will either have a trip to Europe again or finishing one of his cars.

As for my own group......Kenichi has returned to Ooarai for the summer break, Rantaro is going to Okinawa again wih his now-fiancee (I'm happy for him!), Ryuji and his sister, Ryoko, is going to New Zealand for the vacation season and Genzo is going back to......somewhere I can't remember in the Kanagawa region. I could go somewhere else like to a beach or a touge route alone, but currently I don't really want to. I need to save my money and admittably I'm yearning for some time of peaceful rest.

I'm still going to reply your messages here, just expect a less frequent amount of updates or even no updates at all. And don't worry, I'm only resting for a while. I'll be back in action and resuming regular update schedule at one of these dates:
-10 August 2019, Ebisu Summer Drift Matsuri preps and main event, probably using HR34 or something else
-23 August 2019, something I can't be sure to happen yet
-23 September 2019, 4th round of Tsukuba Circuit Trial Series

From my lovely and comfy crib, I wish you all a happy, joyful, and memorable summer holiday. Stay safe and healthy, and have fun! :cheers:

Welp finally finished the last update before the summer break!
Now though, time to see how my wallet prepares for the summer break (counted per July 6th):

That's all my updates for now, thank you for stopping by and see you soon!

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#362   2019-07-28 21:50          
man your cars look fire! esspecially that evo is an absoulte sleeper!


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#363   2019-07-29 09:42          
# tyretear : man your cars look fire! esspecially that evo is an absoulte sleeper!

Thanks my man! :cheers:
Sometimes I still can't believe that I would turn my Evo from a track day-capable daily car to a compeititve TA racer. And it's actually still dailyable! :)) (though these days the job alternates between it and the HR34, and I guess I've favored the HR34 along the summer break)
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#364   2019-07-29 13:57          
Running good times in the Evo great work!


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#365   2019-07-29 17:38          
# Alex876 : Running good times in the Evo great work!

Aye thanks my man! :cheers:
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#366   2019-08-05 19:05          
Heavenly Ocean

Summer has came close to its latter half......and here I am, spending almost the entirety of it alone in my crib.
And as you'd expect, I'm deeply bored to the brink of death. I'm barely seeing the sunlight everyday.
But then, came an offer to spend some time outside, and boy what an offer it was!
Well let's jump into the update to see what offer was it shall we? :D

[25 Jul 2019]
Summer holiday has come close to its second half. But here I am, doing almost nothing every single day so far. Admittably, I planned to simply not going anywhere during the holiday, since I was quite exasperated from all the time attack action along the year. I mean, I didn't expect to have myself being a dedicated racing driver earlier this year, and my decision to become one stems from scoring a decent result in one event :)) Not that I'm mad or regretting it, I'm just.......didn't have the proper physical form to race. I mean you rarely see fat bois racing cars right? :)) Bu tnot gonna lie, eventually I grew bored and want to go somewhere as I barely see the sunlight these days. Oh how I long for a nice, quiet bath for an entire day in the hot springs.....

As for everyone else, they're either quite busy or going somewhere else around the world. Muza(Niatross), for example, is currently having a huuuge amount of service bookings and upgrade requests on his hands. Whether Nismo is offering summer discounts I really don't know, but of course people wants to ride their beloved rides during summer. As for AJ(RocketBunnyS13), he's juggling responsibilities between managing his law firm and continue to refine his S15, which came out quite stunning and savage like an action movie heroine. I heard his little brother (Brian 06) will be at town as well, so they might as well realize that Takahashi bros racing dreams :)) As for Marc(Macaron_moon), at this point you'll know that he's an enigmatic person. He might be either still refining his Evo X or going somewhere around the world to gather parts for it. I heard his Evo X is slated to be a Tsukuba challenger, hmmmm.......

I was going to get my dinner when my phone rang loudly. It was Rantaro calling, straight from Okinawa. I wonder what is he up to these days?

"Edo here"
"Yooo Edo-kun how's it going?"
"All is good my man, apart from I'm being home alone these days"
"Aaaaah you poor boy, get some girls or something! You sounded mellow man"
*chuckles* "Nah man it's just that I haven't had dinner"
"It's quite scorching here in Okinawa but I've some hot and good news for you?"
"Oh yeah? Tell me tell me"
"First off, I didn't expect to find a wheel fabricator here! So I immediately ordered a set for my Merc II"
"Oh great! How much is it?"
"That's quite hefty for a set of wheels I'd say, but I believe they're high quality"
"Of course they are, and they specialize in retro styles as well. And for the second one, I've imported a car"
"Merc W140 straight from Poland. They're quite cheap but in decent condition"
"That's quite far away! Anyways price doesn't matter at this point, did your missus know about this?"
"Well, nah" *laughter* "I don't really want to tell her about this man, she might be mad if I do"
"Gotta keep the missus happy I see. Man I can't wait to see both your Merc II and, at last, a legit Merc"
"Yeah sure man, they'll come soo-ah sorry man, gotta cut this. Gotta drive again. See ya later man"
"See ya later, be safe my man"

Turns out Okinawa is full of unexpected things I should say! I might include visiting Okinawa to my to-do list. And of course I can't wait to see his Merc.

Before I get my first spoonful of food into my mouth I get another call. Normally I would pick the call in annoyance, but because it turns out Ryuji is the one who called me straight from New Zealand, I fixed up my mood and picked up the call in a better manner.

"Aaaah Ryuji-san, Edo here"
"Edo-kun! How's it going boy?"
"Quite well really, just...being home alone here"
"Man I wish you were here, New Zealand is soooo astonishing even in this cold winter!"
"O-oh yeah, I heard it's winter down there. How cold is it over there?"
"I still could stand it but I don't think Ryoko could. Ryoko, say hello to Edo here" ("AAAAA SENPAI IT'S COLD OUT HERE HELP!"-Ryoko)
*laughter* "Get some hot tea, chocolate or coffee, guys. I don't want y'all turn into ice blocks"
"Well we're in our 3rd cup of cappucino as we speak"
"Woah mama! If you guys can get a grea amount of sleep hours later that'll be a huge miracle"
"Well I guess so. Anyway, I found a seemingly good gem for my collection here"
"Oh really? What is it? Rantaro told me he imported a W140"
"Ooooo that's quite a tasty import. Mine is.....I'm sure you know about E36 Compact"
"OHOHOHOOO the compact boi! Quite an opinion-splitter, but much better than the E46 ones"
"I can agree over that. But listen, I got the M-Sport ones!"
"WOAH YES! Wait which one is it?"
"The 318 ones I should admit. But hey, it's a rare commodity in Japan nevertheless. I might going to track or drift it"
"Competitive? Grassroots? Missile?"
"Most likely missile, so Ryoko could learn to drive as well" ("EEEEEEEH?!"-Ryoko)
"That's a good idea actually. Gotta let her drive, probably you should have her to the track as well"
*laughter* "Oh sorry man, gotta drive back to our place. See ya later man"
"See ya"

Welp, another one with another purchase. What's with all the sudden import spree? :)) But not gonna lie I'm happy for them. And yeah, I really want to visit New Zealand some time. And with the end of that phone call, I enjoyed my dinner.

After finishing my dinner and just when I'm about to lie on my bed, another phone call strikes in. It's from Sera, Hinako's sister. It's been a loooooong time since I spoke with either Sera or Hinako. But what Sera is up to? It's rather unusual that she called me.

"Yuan Edo's residence here, anything I can help?"
"Oh hello, Sera-san here. Are you in town currently?"
"Yup, I'm in town and free along the summer. In fact I'm not going anywhere along the holiday season"
"Ah, glad you're here then. Speaking of which, why did you do that?"
"Ah, nothing, it's just.....I needed a long rest. Things has been intense in my end. But I've been resting for too long, so anything I can help for you?"
"Can you drive with me again? Nothing serious, just a vacation trip to Ooarai Sun Beach"
"Oh good, I can do that! So we'll be going with Hinako as well?"
"Yes, and her two friends. They haven't had a break after lots of exams and uni preparations so I thought they have to go for a vacation"
"I feel for them, you're actually quite wise. As for yourself? How's your holiday?"
"Sadly I had none so far, too many cases from clients. It has just been solved recently, so I thought I should take one soon"
"Ouch, I feel for you as well. You deserve a rest indeed"
"Even driving from one place to another is a chore these days, which is why I ask your help"
"Aaaaah I see. Don't worry, I absolutely want to help you with that. Ah yes, so when I should drive for you?"
"This weekend, we'll go at early morning. Is that okay with you?"
"All good ma"am" *chuckles*
"And oh, we'll be staying there for a day, so you'd better prepare some spare clothes as well"
"Good idea actually. And idea where would we stay?"
"Not yet, but I'll look for one-"
"Sorry to interrupt, but I have a local frind there, he might be able to help both for the stay plans and the D-day there"
"Can you try to ask him the best place to stay there?"
"Will do after the call. I'll send the answer later"
"And oh, don't you worry for the fuel and accomodations, it'll be on me"
"Oh really? That's so kind of you, thank you so much"
"See you on the weekend, and thank you very much for your help"
"See you, looking forward to the weekend"

What in the world has happened to me and my surroundings? All in a sudden a huge amount of luck has bestowed upon meee :)) But either way this is a good chance I can't miss. You know those beach episodes in animes and TV shows? Yeah this is it, and I'm going to experience one for myself! :-X I gleed upon the situation before I snapped out of it and call Kenichi, who's currently spending summer in Ooarai, which is his hometown.

"Kenichi, are you there? Sorry for calling this late"
"Oh hey Edo-kun, it's okay man, what's up?"
"All good, all good, though I spent summer mostly home alone. Listen, I need a bit of help"
"What is it? Tell me and I might be able to help"
"Can you tell me any good places to stay around Ooarai Sun Beach? I'll be there this weekend with my friend"
"Oh you're going to be here? Let's meet up!"
"Sure sure, I might need a helping hand over there. Oh how about the places?"
"Plenty, really. The further it is from the beach, the cheaper it'll be"
"Name me some places man, or just send the address of some"
"Good idea, I'll send you some after the call"
"Niceeeee, see ya at the weekend my man"
"See ya, looking forward to see you and your friend"

AFter early plans has been sorted and sent the adresses to Sera, I went to sleep, dreaming about sea breeze and blue oceans, and.......everything else in between.

[27 Jul 2019]
Time to go to the beach! I went off in the early morning inside my Silver Queen to Sera's house. These days I drove the HR34 more than it, so I'd like to drive the Silver Queen again for a while. After a while, I arrived to the house. It looks like the Silver Queen is loud enough now to alert people of my presence, as Sera and all the girls immediately wnet outside upon my arrival. Mind you, the last time I went here, the Silver Queen has no engine upgrades yet.

"Yuan Edo at your service"

I parked my Silver Queen inside Sera's garage before getting into the house and had two cups of tea and some chatter as we wait for Hinako and co. (Seiko and Asuka) to prepare for the trip. Sera had already prepared her stuff much earlier than before, and turns out Hinako and co. had a sleepover in the previous night. That reminds me of the one I had with Muza, AJ and Marc way back in winter.......And I swear Sera's homemade tea and cookies are one of the best I've ever tried :D

With the preparations over and I had one last bathroom break, Sera gave me the keys to her Previa and I get it off her garage. And after loading just about everything to the car, we set off for a nice trip to Ooarai.

Before we went to the highway, we decided to refuel for a while in the gas station near VS Garage (and also Hinako and co.'s high school), and let the girls have one last snack shopping and call of nature. Ooarai isn't really far from Tsukuba but a chance of traffic jam always haunts. And obviously having a sudden call of nature isn't really ideal for anyone.

Refuelling over, we soldiered on into the highway. I and Sera decided to turn on the radio for traffic infos. Traffic was rather crowded but thankfully it didn't lead to a traffic jam, and the radio station we tuned into also plays some J-Pop music so mood was quite light inside the car. Along the way I have some more chit-chat with the girls about unis and/or majors/grades they want to get in.

Hinako says she would enter just about any top unis in Japan (particularly around the mainland), but she's still split between taking law grades and continuing her family's heritage or following her passion and taking a music or arts grade. It looks like Sera didn't mind if her sister chose arts over law, so I assume this was a result of parental intervension. In a bit of inversion, Asuka says she might take just about any major, since she didn't particularly excel or interested in anything, but all she want is to pursue a higher degree somewhere around Tokyo or Tsukuba. Since I have some contacts of Tsukuba Uni lecturers, I decided to offer my help to her, though at the moment she politely refuse. As for Seiko.....she didn't look like being interested to go for uni degrees, though she might eventually enter one if she can't find a job for a year. And that's even if her rich parents offering her a car if she made it into one! And to think all I've got for making it into a top uni was a brand new laptop and 1 TB external turn I and Sera told them about our college days and experiences as we pass the idustrial area between Tsukuba and Ooarai.

Soon we came across a wind farm. Most of us has never seen one before, so I decided to slow down a bit to let the girls take picture of it.

Some time later after a rather dense traffic, finally we arrived at downtown Ooarai. I asked Sera to pick one of the hotels which address has been provided by Kenichi yesterday. After a bit of confusion of navigating around with Google Maps, at last, we have a place to stay for the weekend.

If you wonder how the rooms are split up.....uhh.....I'm alone :)) Sera and the girls will be in the other one for ultra-obvious reasons, though whether Sera can stand another girls sleepover remains to be seen. After I put all my stuff inside my room and had yet another bathroom break, I called Kenichi again to pick a meeting point that can also be a parking lot for our vehicles. Thankfully, Kenichi, being a local, knows just the best place to park our rides. And so, with everyone ready and eager to go to the seaside, we're rolling off the hotel to the beach.

As we approach the beach area, it was quite crowded with people, enjoying summer by either basking thmeselves under the scorching sun or doing water sports such as surfing or water polo. Nevertheless, the girls were overjoyed to see the ocean beyond their eyes. I can only tell Sera it's been a long while since I went to seaside, and even longer since I heard someone being so excited upon seeing seaside. I didn't expect Sera to listen enthusiastically though! :O

We arrived at the parking spot Kenichi told me earlier, and turns out Kenichi has waited for us there. I should admit he's quite clever when it comes to picking up the parking spot: Not only it's quite close to the beach, it's close to another facilities like cafetaria, lockers and changing rooms.

*jumps off the car* "Hey man sorry for making you waiting for us"
"No it's all good Edo-kun, I was here just 10 minutes ago"
"Glad you didn't wait for too long man. Ah yes, this here is my friend, her sister, and her sister's friends. She asked me to drive for them"
"Aaaaaah that explains why you're coming here. But how about yourself, you going to the beach as well?"
"Of course man, I need to cool down and it's been a while since the last time I went to a beach"
"Oh great! I've got a high school friend here. He's a coastguard and has his own patrol vehicle"

After introducing Kenichi to Sera and the girls, we wait for them to change their suits inside the changing room as we change ours inside.....the car. We're boys after all, we don't need to complicate things :)) As we change inside, we continued our banter earlier.

"So what does your coastguard friend drives?"
"Oh, a Beetle. He built it with some of his coastguard friends?"
"That's awesome! Hang on a minute, a stock one or modified one?"
"Of course it's modified you moron, what do you expect from a stock one?"
"No, I mean does it has it's original panels or not?"
"Some are gone, some aren't. Anyways, I'd like you to meet him with me"
"Oh sure sure, I'd like to meet him, please"
"Yeah, I thought you might be interested to see it. I need to borrow his surfboard as well"
"Wait, you never told me you can surf!"
"Oh did I? Yeah I could, but I rarely do. My surfboard has been sold way back then"

Some time later, both us and the girls has done changing. But boy oh boy, seeing all the girls in bikinis and swimsuits that shows their good gracious figures got me and Kenichi like......woah I can't seem to pick where I should start :)) I can only say "dude, slap me" to Kenichi. And then Seiko proceeded to jokingly slap my stomatch out of nowhere. After we stored our clothes back inside the car, we then walked together to the beach.

While Sera and the others proceeded straight to the waters, I and Kenichi walked across the beach to look for his friend and his ride. After a rather long walk, we found him with his car, chilling nearby the baywatch tower. His name is Juugo, and he's been a coastguard since a year after he and Kenichi graduated from high school. Kenichi said he was a top athlete back in their school days, but lack of fund and tight competition made him decide to continue life as coast guard. As Juugo hands Kenichi one of the rental surfboards, Kenichi went off to chase the waves. I and Juugo meanwhile have some talks about the Beetle.

This Beetle was purchased as a rolling shell by Juugo and his friends in the last year of high school. How did he and his friends found an LHD example of the Beetle here is another story I guess. Nevertheless, Juugo and his friends repaired the Beetle using anything they can find around Ooarai before eventually everyone got graduated and they went their own separate ways. Juugo kept the car for his friends since the Beetle was built near his home. After being neglected for more than a year, he continued to bulid the Beetle for the sake of his friends, as well as contacting his friends to propose an idea to turn it into a Baja Bug. Apparently, everyone was impressed with the idea, so he moved on to build it both with his own money and his friends's monetary helping hands. It seems some of his friends are quite rich enough to donate him racing seats and some race-grade parts for the original Beetle boxer engine.

Along the build progress, Juugo kept on touch with his friends, and finally the build was finished around two years ago. And ever since it accompanies Juugo and his workmates on their coastguard duty. Of course Juugo is still keeping in touch with his friends to this day, and sometimes he also would tell about the Beetle whenever it's involved in the duty. Safe to say, it's a monument to their friendship that now serves as a guardian to the travelers coming into and off the beach. And of course the coastguard squad has also other offroaders like Land Cruisers and Jimnys, as well as Hiaces for medical purposes, but because it's a Beetle that sits on huge wheels and racing suspensions, obviously visitors are quite interested upon seeing the car and often it became a photography object.

As I continued to look around and admire the Beetle(oh come on, it's not everyday you see a Baja Bug away from it's home!), suddenly I can feel some hands grabbing my body and pull me in full force.

"Found you senpai!" a female voice suddenly whispers in my left ear.
"Eh-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" I questioned myself before getting pulled over with full force.
"EDO YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO AIN'T GET WET YET! Eat this!" a male shouting voice follows, while Juugo laughed out loud.

That was Asuka and Kenichi's voice respectively. Welp indeed I was the only one not getting into the seaside yet, and looks like both Kenichi and the girls didn't really like that fact. And so I just kept on helplessly screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAH WHAT THE F**K NAAAAAAAAAAAH" as I kept on being pulled by everyone into the water, with the girls cheerfully laughing in the background. And as they throw me into the water, all I can say with my weakened voice cord was "Eh......s**t......".


That huge splash instantly soak me in seconds with seawater. But that's okay, finally I get myself to cool down after a full scorching day. And so, I spent the rest of the dayligt in the waters with everyone, from playing water polo with all the girls to have a (unsuccessful) surfing crash course with Kenichi. But all in all, it was a very fun day, and I get to enjoy the sight of both the ocean and pretty girls soaked in seawater :-X :)) But not gonna lie, the sight of the girls swimming and playing below the bright sunset with some plam trees in the background is quite majestic in my eyes. Though sometimes I still have to fight against the waves, and sometimes, Kenichi approaching with his surfboard ("GET OUTTA THE WAY!!"-"WHAT THE AAAAAAAAAAAA").

With the sun almost completely setting, we finally went off the water and walk back to the parking lot to grab our dry clothes, dry ourselves and change into it. Sadly though, Kenichi can't roll with us for the next day, since he had to go somewhere. After we all changed back to our dry clothes, he bid a goodbye to us, then I and the girls went back to the hotel to get some late lunch and rest.

At night, the girls wanted to go window shopping, so obviously I drive them to the bigest department store there. Before I went in I took some pics of the Estima. God dang it looks quite majestic under the night lights, even if it's just a simple people carrier.

And finally, we went back to the hotel circa 22.00, and we were all tired after spending our day in quite lovely fashion. Once I get inside my room, all I did was get a warm shower, change my clothes, brew a tea, then surf the internet while sipping my tea before I get some sleep.......

.......but not before a knock is heard on my door. I opened and....turns out it was Sera who knocked on my door, all in her sleeping gown(well I can't put it the correct way I guess). I wonder what's wrong?

"Edo-san, sorry if I'm disturbing you, but do you mind if I sleep here?"
"Eh? O-of course you could, but uhh....why?"
"The girls are having another sleepover and they're quite noisy at the moment. I just want to get some peaceful sleep"
"Oh, w-well, okay I guess. We can't crank another cash for another room and there's no guarantee if there's any left so....."
"Exactly, turns out we're in the same wavelength of thoughts"
"I'm not sure if this is actually okay but....yeah just come in. I don't want to make this awkward"

I DON'T EXPECT THIS AT ALL MAN! This is too good to be true! :O As Sera walks into my room and sit on the bed, she grabbed my tea and a teaspoon, continuing in serious tone: "Just don't do anything funny or weird to me, or else I'll slam and wreck your face with these and I'll call cops!", but then continued in a calmer manner: "Oh, but it's your bed after all, so I'll try to give you some space". Terrified with Sera's sudden change in mood, I can only nod slowly in agreement.

Thankfully things are less intense later on, as Sera had a light(but turns out rather long, as it went for some hours) chatter about our personal lives back then and in recent times, striking quite a clear line of just how different how we lived our lives. And then, Sera fell asleep first. First off I tried to sleep on the floor to have her as comfy as possible, but obviously this didn't work, so I proceeded to share my bed anyways, with me on the very edge of it. I should say this is one of the greatest nights in my life, but also one of the awkwardest ones. All I can think was "What is this, an Illuminati experience? Or did I trapped myself into a soap drama dimension?"

[28 Jul 2019]
I woke up in the morning and found myself alone again. There wasn't much fuss last night, and thankfully my facial feature is still intact and nothing was lost. I decided to finish the rest of my tea, clean the cup, and brew a coffee to start the day. But before I went for a shower, there's another knock on my door. It was Sera again.

"Morning, you sleepy man"
"Oh, morning. Are we ready to go again?"
"Don't worry, Hinako and the others are still on shower. Why don't you take yours as well?"
"I'm going to. When y'all done just come here again"
"Good idea"

So I took shower rather quickly, put on new clothes, finish my coffee, pack up for the trip home and wait for the others. As everyone finished shower, get clothed and packed up as well, we left the hotel for a nice picnic-style breakfast near the beach's boardwalk. What's the better way to start the day than having a breakfast on the seaside as the sun rises slowly? ;)

And when we're done, we drove back to the beach to enjoy it while there's barely anyone left. Thankfully the changing room is already available, and the girls has spares to wear. Me? I simply use the same clothes I used to sleep last night :))

As I walked behind the girls, who rushed straight to the waters again, a familiar voice called for me.

"Hey, you? Are you Kenichi's friend from yesterday?"
"Ah, Juugo-san, having an early duty I see!"
*laughter* "Yeah man, this is how I work at Sundays. Where's the others?"
"Kenichi can't come today, got something to do. But you can see the girls over there"
"Aaaaah eager to swim just like yesterday" *even more laughter* "Man I love the seaside in the morning, you can smell and feel it from miles"
"I rarely felt this fresh and inspired, just standing here feels like a dream"
"Hey listen, I can make your morning even better. Wait what's your name again?"
"Edo. Ah yes, I'd like to hear that, what would it be?"
"So Edo-kun, how about a baywatch ride in my Beetle? You might drive if you want. Kenichi told me you're a race driver"
"Oh hang on really? When did he-"
"He told me when he returned my surfboard"
"Aaaaaah......speaking of which, okay I'll drive for us"
"Good! You may go all-out if you want, this thing was built to take lots of punishment, don't worry"
"Thank you so much for the chance, Juugo-san"
"It's all good, Kenichi's friends is also my friends. I also want to see what a race driver can do with this Beetle"

And so, I giddily fire up the Beetle and we're running a high-speed baywatch run, with Juugo commanding on where to go and what to avoid. I feel like those race drivers who compete in the likes of Baja 1000 and Dakar Rally. Offroading is quite fun it turns out! :D Speaking of which, offroad racing as I know it can refer to either technical/adventure ones that requires lots of winching and goes through lots of rocks, trees and insane level of slopes and climbs (e.g. King of Hammers, Rainforest Challenge, Camel Trophy) or speed-focused/rally raid ones where it goes like normal racing, just with less clue about the route and can range from a full day to two weeks (e.g. both SCORE(a day) and NORRA(four days) Baja 1000, Dakar Rally, Baja Aragon, Baja Russia).

I tried to give it all I could, but in the end, it still rides on stock Beetle engine and it rides on beach sands, so I can only extract all the power to a max speed of around 130 km/h. Still, because we're running in a rather limited area even with lack of visitors, this already felt alarmingly quick to me, even slightly more terrifying than what I usually experience in competitive TA events.

There's a sand dune ahead of us. Juugo told me to just hit it at full speed, so I did. What happened next is quite surreal as we catch some air, followed with one hard, bone-shaking landing and a lot of laughter. I feel like the world paused for a while, then my own life force tried to squish me down as I land. But boy that was awesome! :D

Some yards later, we turned around as the sea level increases. We decided to have fun by running the car along the edge of the water. It is a good thing the Beetle was raised quite high, though whether Juugo has the floor salt-proofed in a certain way remains to be seen. But eh, he encouraged me to drive over them after all, so I assume he already did.

Another sand dune came into our eyes, so Juugo told me to just send the Beetle and of course I did! Tthough this time it was a bit more intense as not only I jumped faster and further, it also went a bit sideways so there was a slight panic of rolling the Beetle or breaking the front axles upon landing. But thankfully, none of them happened and we carried on.

All this first-time offroad experience already made me want to build one. But dang, I already want to build myself one! :D I can definitely build one, but the real problem is, where I can run it? There aren't a lot of offroad facilities in Japan that I know. The only ones that I know well are the ones in Ebisu and the ones beside the Southern Circuit Miyagi, both of which are rather far away. Oh well, for now I'll just savour the moment ;)

Finally, the baywatch run is over and I parked the Beetle. Once we hop off the Beetle, Juugo offered me some cold Asahi rootbeer. I grabbed one to cool myself down, and watch the sun slowly raising as I took some photograph of the beach. And of course, the girls succeeded on another attempt to get me into the waters :)) But hey, I got to see them in bikinis and soaked in seawater again! ;)

Finally, after all these seaside shenanigans, it's time to go home. But before all of that, of course we changed into our dry clothes again and had lunch together. Not gonna lie, I should try the seafood here for another time.

After driving Asuka and Seiko home first, finally I drove Hinako and Sera back to their home. And as a token of appreciation, Sera paid me V$300....though the entire trip and that one awkward night is enough for me :)) Nevertheless, you can't refuse a gift and I'm still in need of money, so I accepted it anyways. After returning Sera's Estima to her garage, I drove back home in my Silver Queen. Guess this is a non-competitive weekend I'll never forget in my life. I still can't believe I can spend time with them!

[03 Aug 2019]
It's time to prepare for the Ebisu Summer Drift Matsuri at Aug 11-12, but it looks like I've prepared for too long that I don't really have anything to roll in for the event :)) I could use my HR34 or my Mustang, but I need something I can feel less guilty/remorse to throw around, so what I did is purchasing a 2001 Toyota Mark II X110. Thankfully I scored myself the ones equipped with 1JZ-GE instead of the 1G-GE ones. That thing costed me V$750.

Car secured, now moving on into the upgrades. That car is an auto, explaining the cheap price, so let's just delve into my shopping list, shall we?
-Nissan CD001 Transmission, V$585
-Collins Performance 1JZ-2JZ to CD-series adapter and flywheel kit, V$999
-Competition Clutch Stock Clutch Kit, V$252
-Chase Bays Clutch Line, V$64
-Genuine Toyota Clutch Pedal Assy, V$58
-Chase Bays Hydro Handbrake, V$220
-Chase Bays Hydro Handbrake Line, V$160
-Rev9 Turbo Kit (includes GReddy T04 turbo), V$539
-GReddy Spec-LS intercooler kit, V$365
-Momo Tuner Steering Wheel, V$ 180
-Cusco Negative Camber Front Upper Arms, V$280
-Centric Front Brake Pads, V$17

As you can see, my purchases are either cheap or dubious. That's what you get when you're building your car in a hurry :)) everything should come at the middle of next week, so around 3-2 days to the Drift Matsuri. Yes, I might have to run on stock brakes and suspension. And for the wheels, I might have to either to resort to the stock ones, use the R33 stockies currently fitted to the HR34 or for the last resort, using reps. It's going to be smashed and bashed anyways so might as well get something smashable (of course I'll bring the stockies as well).

[05 Aug 2019]
The JZX110 has come into my crib, so I decided to have a quick test drive of it. So far so good, the 1JZ is eager to rev, steering felt relatively responsive, but the brakes felt a bit like a biscuit. Considering I've blown a lot of money at the moment and so far I fared well with the stock brakes on the HR34, I'll just refurbish it. Oh well, this is truly one financial mistake I've made currently.

Welp, finally updated after a while!
Let's see how my wallet stands as I failed my own target to save up:

That's all my updates for now, thank you for stopping by and see you soon!
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#367   2019-08-05 20:47          
I havent been to a beach in long while ngl
That buggy looks like a LOTTA fun!
Also AYEEE JZX110! As an avid JZX lover, hyped to see what u do with that thing ! :-X

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YASSSS very epic vacation bool! The Previa sure looks tempting to drive, maybe you can convince Sera to let me drive for her next time? H I H E

Also I'm glad you guys got that break you needed! Beach fun sure is an epic way to get your mind off of things, and the Baja Bug just DOUBLES the enjoyment for sure. From the SOLID pictures I could tell you were having an absolute ball! Haha



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#369   2019-08-05 23:05          
A trip to the seaside always rocks! Especially if you have some girls for company ;) and how better can it get than shredding with a Baja Bug across the beach?! That thing looks like a properly built off-roader so you were able to pull off those epic jumps, man that's one hell of an adrenaline rush. I'd like to build something like that but there's not really that much rough terrain in my area. And you finally got that long awaited drift missile you've been talking about!!! Are those OEM Supra wheels on it by the way? If they are, sell them on and you got yourself a free Mark 2 :)) it's also a bit weird to see that it has a 1JZ as it was used more for the 90's models. Still, that's a solid powerplant for your build, i'm not so sure about that cheap turbo kit but it should be good for a missile lol.


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#370   2019-08-06 08:13          
# Niatross : I havent been to a beach in long while ngl
That buggy looks like a LOTTA fun!
Also AYEEE JZX110! As an avid JZX lover, hyped to see what u do with that thing ! :-X

Aaaah let's go there again some time with the entire crew, we can roll along the boardwalkk or the seaside in the sunset while bumping 90's G-Funk hits. :cheers:

I'll bring that JZX110 to Ebisu Drift Matsuri and see if it can survive a full weekend there. And if it does, I can either sell it or keep driving it as my missile :D

# RocketBunnyS13 : YASSSS very epic vacation bool! The Previa sure looks tempting to drive, maybe you can convince Sera to let me drive for her next time? H I H E

Also I'm glad you guys got that break you needed! Beach fun sure is an epic way to get your mind off of things, and the Baja Bug just DOUBLES the enjoyment for sure. From the SOLID pictures I could tell you were having an absolute ball! Haha



ULTRA EPIC MY MAN! :cheers: Dude it's not everyday you spend time with not one but FOUR girls :))
I think Sera might know you from your law firm works, she works at one after all! :D (though a different one) So I guess you'll click quickly and she can hand you teh keys to the Estima. That thing is a great and comfy people carrier, certainly a big break from my car collection.

I didn't expect to find a Baja Bug build here either! Driving one is certainly a huuuuuge fun, and I'm glad Juugo encouraged me to fully send it! :D

This JZX110 project, I'm sure, is the most ambitious and rubbish project I've ever attempted here. Even getting it running would be a great achievement already :)) I expect it to stall, or the clutch gave in quickly, or even the turbo decided to turn into a giant molotov......

Well yes I'm expecting to change the wheel to a ZE40 but......gotta grab some more money dang.

# Lagano : A trip to the seaside always rocks! Especially if you have some girls for company ;) and how better can it get than shredding with a Baja Bug across the beach?! That thing looks like a properly built off-roader so you were able to pull off those epic jumps, man that's one hell of an adrenaline rush. I'd like to build something like that but there's not really that much rough terrain in my area. And you finally got that long awaited drift missile you've been talking about!!! Are those OEM Supra wheels on it by the way? If they are, sell them on and you got yourself a free Mark 2 :)) it's also a bit weird to see that it has a 1JZ as it was used more for the 90's models. Still, that's a solid powerplant for your build, i'm not so sure about that cheap turbo kit but it should be good for a missile lol.

Getting to drive for these girls is one thing already, getting to drive and fully send a Baja Bug is another that I didn't expect! :cheers:
Man you live rather close to Texas so just run it across the deserts there :))

It looks like indeed they're Supra stockies! :O
Once I find a replacement wheel, rep or not, I might just sell them. I guess I can put a rather high price mark to compensate my lost savings :))
It's built at the final years of 1JZ usage so it should be a fine runner. That turbo though might as well turn itself into one hell of a dynamite :))
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#371   2019-08-06 15:48          

Glad you had your cliché anime beach ep for a few days lmao.


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#372   2019-08-06 18:03          
I wish I had some free time for seaside.....

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#373   2019-08-07 06:04          

Glad you had your cliché anime beach ep for a few days lmao.

OI WHAT THE well it was one awkward night but still......admittably that was so sweet as well :-X

I swear if this kind of sudden beach episode happens again I'll eat my own shoes with Motul oils as sauce, I still can't believe it!

# Benny : I wish I had some free time for seaside.....

Well at least you got your projects going, look at me with a whole train of abandoned projects! God knows when I'm going to finish the S15 and moving into the Tico :))
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#374   2019-08-07 14:28          
Epic vacation moment for you :) That would have been so entertaining :^)

And the 110 you got seem to have some potential in it!

Sleepin mOnkey

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#375   2019-08-07 16:32          
hey man you seem to be living that Mid engine life now :)) :))

as for the 110 cant wait to see that thing rip at matsuri may even bring the vert
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#376   2019-08-09 16:28          
# Soju : Epic vacation moment for you :) That would have been so entertaining :^)

And the 110 you got seem to have some potential in it!

Oh yes it was sooooo entertaining, ultra epic indeed :^)

I'll see how much can I extrat from the X110..... ;)

# Sleepin mOnkey : hey man you seem to be living that Mid engine life now :)) :))

as for the 110 cant wait to see that thing rip at matsuri may even bring the vert

Man I didn't expect to find a Baja Bug here, let alone driving one! :))

Oh great, I'd like to see your vert at the Masturi yeah! :cheers:
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#377   2019-08-10 19:19          
Small Update:
Wheely Good Deals!
(and The Rise of the Meme Machine)

With less than a week to go to Ebisu Summer Drift Matsuri, my newest project has taken it's shape.
And oh, thanks to my firends I accidentally stumbled myself upon the heaven of wheels! :))
The new mods didn't stop there though, as now it also has a bunch of new stickers!
Well let's jump straight into the update to see how it all goes! :D

[06 Aug 2019]
After finishing my works for the day, I continued my search for cheap wheels. And I'm a bit torn on what kind of wheels I should fit to the X110. Aapparently AJ(RocketBunnyS13) had some time off as well and is online, so I decided to have a video call with him for some suggestions. Some time later Muza(Niatross) came back from his job at Omori, so AJ had him joining the call as well.

Both AJ and Muza suggested me to search for used wheels instead of new ones. This seems quite obvious, but if you remember what I said on my last update, I was considering reps instead, so this is quite a lifesaver. Still, I kinda doubt if there's anyone who will sell a full set, as I mostly found people selling them individually or just half a set. Okay, my Weds Albinos on my Kaede the vert was also a used one, but I found them by chance I should admit, and it was located outside Japan.

Both AJ and Muza suggested me to look around the Croooober website, which is famous for selling and exporting wheels from Japan. And yes, it does have quite a lot of 'o's on its name. As for why it has so many 'o's on its name I don't really know why, just ask them by yourself. Besides Croooober, I also decided to look up for used wheels at my trusted shop when it comes to tuning, Nengun.

Both Nengun and Croooober-eh screw it, I'll just throw half of the 'o's and write it as Croober(, AW MAN! So we back in the mine......)-threw quite a lot of surprising deals to me it turns out. Sure, most of the cheap wheels are factory stockies or reps brands that I've never heard of in my whole life, but if you're patient enough to dig deeper there are lots of cheap deals for famous stockies (e.g. R33, R34 and Supra stockies) or legit wheels. And if you're lucky, they'll come as a full set. And if you're really lucky, they'll be sold along with tyres as well! I spent lots of time browsing wheels for sale as I continue my consultation sesh with Muza and AJ, who has suggested to get 18 inch wheels for the X110.

In the end, I was split between choosing AME Shallen XF-55(which is funnily enough a reps based on BMW Style 343), Work Euroline DH, and Work Emotion XD9, all of which came with economic-type tyres(Bridgestone Ecopia, Yokohama Ecos and Yokohama BluEarth respectively), which I don't really mind. Considering my currently limited budget and the fact that the Euroline DH fits better with the X110's looks in general, I decided to roll with it and grab them for a whopping V$245! I, AJ and Muza can't believe ourselves over the price, but presumably people often buy these and they can be easily found on the used market. The wheel I bought has scratches and the silver coating has been peeled off with age as well, explaining the cheap price. Oh well, this is for a missile so it doesn't matter.

Speaking of which, AJ and Muza has an interesting lecture about wheels: In competitive grip races, weight and strength of the wheel obviously matters a lot, you gotta have a wheel that is light enough to make the cars move quicker but also strong enough to face hours and million miles of pressure and torture. In drift events, wheel weight doesn't matter, but bigger wheels will help you on breaking traction to go sideways. Having strong wheels usually helps for grassroots usage, but some competitive drivers may opt for weaker ones. In drag racing it's the other way around, since smaller wheels would also mean lighter wheels and more importantly allows bigger tyres to be installed for maximum grip.

Wheel problems sorted, I moved on into the suspension area. Originally the plan was to simply cut the springs of the X110 to lower and stiffen it, but it turns out doing this incorrectly will ruin the car and even make the car act like a jelly cannonballing into another dimension. So I opted for a cheap coilovers, but this was rather hard to search. In the light of a moment I had an idea of simply combining the stock shocks and get another springs. This might work, says AJ and Muza, so I just went on to purchase a set of Cusco springs for a grand total of V$200. Those and the wheels are supposed to arrive at the same day as the rest of stuff I bought the other day.

[08 Aug 2019]
Finally, everything has arrived! To remind you again on what I bought aside from the wheels and the springs, here's the list:
-Nissan CD001 Transmission, V$585
-Collins Performance 1JZ-2JZ to CD-series adapter and flywheel kit, V$999
-Competition Clutch Stock Clutch Kit, V$252
-Chase Bays Clutch Line, V$64
-Genuine Toyota Clutch Pedal Assy, V$58
-Chase Bays Hydro Handbrake, V$220
-Chase Bays Hydro Handbrake Line, V$160
-Rev9 Turbo Kit (includes GReddy T04 turbo), V$539
-GReddy Spec-LS intercooler kit, V$365
-Momo Tuner Steering Wheel, V$ 180
-Cusco Negative Camber Front Upper Arms, V$280
-Centric Front Brake Pads, V$17

I immediately spent my time installing all the mods, as well as, for the first time, welding the stock differential. There are soooooo many things to install and adjust I had to stop working as night falls and hair and hands was actually on fire when I try welding the diff :)) Don't worry, nothing else was on fire thankfully, though I got myself wounded and lie powerless for some minutes because of this.

"OWWW GOD THAT'S HOT!" *head hits the underside of the car and bounces to the floor* "ARGH NOT AGAIN!"

[08 Aug 2019]
After nursing my wounds from yesterday and learn how to weld properly without hurting myself, I continued on working on the X110. Welp, I almost burn my fingers again and even trap them between the springs and, but in the end by afternoon I finished my job. And surprisingly despite all the parts quality and various accidents I had while I work on it......IT ACTUALLY STARTS AND ROLLS! :O So to celebrate this, I brought it for an errand run to test it. And what people say about dailying a welded diff turns out to be's quite noisy on veeeery low speeds :))

Moments later, I arrived at a shopping center. It was rather quiet so I decided to chill for a while and took some pics there. And despite this I still managed to got the attention from people due to the diff's grinding noise........thankfully nothing has broke so far. I was expecting the whole transmission to fall apart to be honest :))

But honestly, I think it still one more touch to be done.........

[08 Aug 2019]
......and that would be stickers! Being a missile boi, I just print my own stickers and slap them semi-randomly on the car. And yes, I slapped some comedic-themed stickers over there, mainly the Ebisu puns sticker (the Ebichu (which is an anime) stickers on the side and Yebisu (which is a brand of beer) stickers on the rear. if you can't see them, basically all the orange stickers). And yes, that SSS and Smoking Sexy Style stickers are taken from Devil May Cry 5. And yes, you can get some of the stickers and many more HERE!

But for now, I present to you......THE MEME MACHINE! It's done and ready to rock the Ebisu Summer Drift Matsuri! And oh, let me know if you're attending the Drift Matsuri as well! :cheers:

Finally, only a bit more until the Drift Matsuri!
And of course my wallet has taken some hit, and I'll just put it right here:

That's all my updates for now, thank you for stopping by and see you soon!
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#378   2019-08-11 07:29          
Very epic looking MEME CAR sir. I need to see it sliding! And maybe join in on the fun H I H E, lemme know what time you're going to Drift Matsuri for skids!

s t a y c l a s s y


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#379   2019-08-11 12:41          
That looks really epic! You proved people could build a budget drift machine with that price range :)


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#380   2019-08-11 16:04          
# RocketBunnyS13 : Very epic looking MEME CAR sir. I need to see it sliding! And maybe join in on the fun H I H E, lemme know what time you're going to Drift Matsuri for skids!

Welp let's roll together my man! Ultra epic indeed :D

# Soju : That looks really epic! You proved people could build a budget drift machine with that price range :)

Ultra epic indeed :D I can't believe myself that I get this thing from bone stock to drift-ready for less than a week! :))
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