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#1   2018-10-05 07:04          
I'm playing through the Steam ReRelease of SLRR, and want a RWD inline 4 transmission. I'm trying to mod the game as little as possible, but one of the challenges requires a RWD transmission. There's other cars, but it's part of the play through I'm trying to accomplish.

Is there some Java's for this version of the game, or a mod known to work to add one? Thank you!!


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#2   2018-10-05 10:29          
Hello again, DiscoQuinn!

Try Diego's DSpeed parts for the standard I4.

If you insist on going as stock as possible, though, download the stock Java source pack (or the MWM equivalent) and replace one of the standard four-cylinder AWD transmissions with a version that has adjustable drive split, and change it to pure RWD.

Good luck.


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#3   2018-12-04 15:09          
A little heads up to RedCarDriver said: actually, you can mod the file named Find it on parts\engine\Einvagen_Duhen_Ishima_Focer\scripts\src\ folder.

Then you'll need to edit this:
drive_base_min = 0.25;
drive_base_max = 0.75;
def_drive_base = 0.50;

drive_base_min = 0.00;
drive_base_max = 1.00;
def_drive_base = 0.50;

Editing two of those line allows pure RWD and FWD mode. You might also like to edit diff lock section. To use it, buy the center differential after buying transmission and use it.
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