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God damn man ,sad to see the RPS13 and the R32 go :c
But congrats on the purchase of the Skip´s Supra boy ! I was thinking of buying it too , as a
new daily since my DC5 is dead :crying: . But who knows , maybe in the future i´ll buy a Supra or maybe not . I´m not sure if having
a supra as a daily is a good idea tho . Anyway , take care of the car m8 ! I´m looking forward to this "project" !


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# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Holy. Fucking. Shit.

God damn man , this was probably the most unexpected thing you've done in a long long while ! I'm just out of words right now....

So first of all , god damn man , you're fuckin' crazyyy !!! Hahaha ! I'm so hyped for you , man ! So happy you finally ended up with a Supra ! Ahh the memories... The Supra was also the first big and iconic car I've owned and completely restored , and man , for several months , since I sold it , I started missing is so much !!! Ahh damn... I miss my Supra , man. But yeah , seems like you're following my steps ! I won't lie to you , if you do end up like me , you're gonna have the best life ever. Hopefully I won't end up buying another Supra or something , thats the last thing I need right now lmao ! I just have so many cars , I literary don't have space for another one , even when the R33 is stored for the winter , but oh man... I miss owing a Supra ! The sound of the 2J hasn't left my head ever since I've first started the 2J after restoring the Supra... Seems like I keep falling towards buying another one. I guess I'll have to hold myself , I don't wanna buy another car , I already have enough !

Second of all , what are your plans for this amazing beauty ? Since y'know , I know my way around 2Js , we could probably y'know... give it the Erwin's treatment , that being turning it into a complete god damn monster ! If you decide to do that , hit me up , bring it over , and I'll make sure to schedule it as my next build/job. If you have the money , of course , but still , we can both work on it , after all , it's your Supra and it's my pleasure to work on these cars ! Either way , I'm sure the Supra will turn out absolutely amazing , and yeah , congrats on owning the first japanese iconic car , man ! The Supra was always in my heart , I just love everything about it , even if I actually own a Skyline , I still wish I owned a Supra too , so yeah man , good luck with this beauty , I already love how it looks !

Third of all , kinda sudden turn of events ! As I said before , I absolutely didn't expect this to happen ! Saying goodbye to a car that you love so much really hurts , I know how it feels , the same thing happened with my Supra back when I sold it , and once again , I miss it so much ! Angelina is in good hands though , Skip has owned and taken care of cars and don't you even worry about it ! Trust me , next time you get a Skyline , it's probably gonna be a GTR , so yeah haha ! Get ready for that ! If you follow my advice , your life is gonna turn out amazing , trust me. About the K-swapped 240sx , ehh , it was fun working on it , and it was definitely an interesting project , but it was just a winter beater , man. I know , it was something different and I'm more than sure you had plans and everything sorted out for it , but still man , now you own a Supra ! As far as I know , Osaka doesn't get much snow in the winter , all the snowing happens in the northen part of Japan , so don't worry about it , I'll make sure to inspect it frequently if you do decide to use it as a daily car for the winter. Also , the S15 , man ! I can't wait to see how it turns out ! I can't wait to see the update on that thing , it's gonna be great ! But yeah , you could also just keep it and use it as a daily car or something , after all , you've got it for a really cheap price , so it isn't that bad if you end up keeping it. Anyways , I'll be expecting your answers , so yeah , I'm really excited for everything ! Also , as I said man , your life is gonna be so much better in Japan , and look at this. From a normal resident in San Diego , to a car tuner who owns awesome cars in Osaka ! It's definitely awesome to see you progress , and yeah , I guess by now I'll take you under my wing , after all , I wanna help you out in everything , so yeah , consider my garage a place to come whenever you want , you can always work on your cars there , use my tools etc. I'm telling you , awesome things will happen soon , thats for sure !

Godspeed , bro !

Erwin! My friend!

First of all, thanks for the beautiful words!

These deals were very unexpected, even for me, but in a matter of a week everything happened suddenly and I did not expect it, but I am very happy!

About the plans for this project, I'm sure you'll be very excited, because you're going to be very involved in this!

It will be my Wangan Car! Good, Our, since you will want to work a lot on it and I do not want to steal the merit! Hahahaha

Drivetrain: My supra has the 2JZ-GTE NO-VVTI, which has the reputation of enduring 1000hp without changing pistons, cranks or crankshaft, but according to owners of this engine say that power will not last long on stock internals, so I plan something like 680-700hp without changing pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft, and when I get the money, I'll do it, maybe a stroker kit, but it will also work on the cylinder head, camshafts, intake, turbo kit, an improvement complete to the fuel system, programmable ecu, etc ...

Without forgetting to modify the gearbox, change differential, driveshaft, etc, because if we want 700hp we also need to modify the engine, reinforce the entire powertrain ...

Suspension: The car already has some coilovers tein, although surely several modifications are made to the suspension ...


Interior: Bucket seats, roll cage, steering wheel with quick release. Simple, simple and functional

Exterior: Obviously a new bodykit, the blitz bodykit does not look bad but it's very early 2000's, it's not my style, I'll probably change the wheels, maybe some meisters, and a new painting, maybe a Radcoon wrap. .

This will be a kind of rival to the Devil R33! Well, more than rival, his partner hahaha

I have so many things planned for this beauty! but it will cost me a lot of money, for now I have to finish with the s15 and sell it so I start little by little, and so with all the cars that have to buy, modify and resell, to get the money to modify the above ...

I am very excited, but at the same time sad ...

Sad because I lost two cars that I loved.

I lost the Winter Beater, it was my first big project, it was like rescuing a puppy that was in a bad situation, when I took it from that workshop in which I spent years thrown away, we brought it, we modified it, we put the K20, we made it the whole process of the swap, we made it legal, we changed the wheels, we adjusted the coilovers and we placed the decal of Franklin Garage, it was my faithful companion, and I sold it. And angelina, it was my first true JDM, it was a car that I LOVED with all my soul, from the day I bought it, I enjoyed it every day, whether driving more than 225kmh on the highway, to skid it in that parking lot, I left my office and seeing that car made me happy, and the sound was a crazy thing!

It hurts but now I have the Supra! My second dream car, but being the JDM version, and having your help to make this car that is already incredible, make it even better!

The next Skyline will be a GT-R, probably a 33, and if my economic situation becomes very good, I will probably have a 34, but at the moment, SUPRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Although now we will have to plan and start with the S15, that car will be the one that gives us the money to start with some things from the Supra.

Anyway, I can not stop thanking you for all this! If it were not for you none of this could have been fulfilled! Thank you!

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# Nightrunner : God damn man ,sad to see the RPS13 and the R32 go :c
But congrats on the purchase of the Skip´s Supra boy ! I was thinking of buying it too , as a
new daily since my DC5 is dead :crying: . But who knows , maybe in the future i´ll buy a Supra or maybe not . I´m not sure if having
a supra as a daily is a good idea tho . Anyway , take care of the car m8 ! I´m looking forward to this "project" !

Thank you!!!

It's sad to see how two cars are going that you wanted so much ...

The 240 was like rescuing an abandoned puppy, and Angelina was my first JDM, it was one of my first dreams fulfilled, not to mention two, my first JDM, and that first JDM was a Skyline R32, besides that Angelina had a certain similar to the R32 of Shinigami, in Initial-D, that is one of my dreamed cars ...

Watching them go is painful, but now I have a Supra Twin-Turbo, my second dream car! I have many things in mind for this car! It will take a long time and cost me a fortune, but it will be worth it.

Stay Tuned!
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