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Those are epic rides :)
It's really great to see the Supra getting proper treatment! And the V35 looks like it has a lotta potential!

# Franklin :
Welcome to the jungle (ぁイダ意)

Hi guys, it's been a long time since the last update, and a lot has happened, so let's update on everything.

Friday, May 10, 3:00pm

After having been with the Oklahoma crew for a week and a half,
I had to say goodbye to them to take a trip with my girlfriend to our hometown (San Diego, California) to see our families and friends.

(Before this, I sold the jetta for $ 2000)

Me: Well guys, Thanks for everything, I've had a great time with you.

Ziga: Thanks to you for coming, if you go back to U.S.A, call me and stop by here ...

Me: I will, thank you

Ziga: Be careful on the road, call me when you arrive.

After this talk, we embarked on a 20-hour trip to San Diego.

We drove the first stage dividing every 5 hours until El paso, TX, where we spent the first night.

Saturday, 11th May. 12:00pm

The next day we started the second stage.
We made the same tactic of dividing the trip every 5 hours, until finally, although quite tired
at 10pm we arrived in San Diego (do not take photos because we arrived very tired at my parents' house, it was also a family moment)

Sunday, 12th May 10:00am

Today, some of my friends of High School call me to hang out.
*cellphone rings*

Me : Hi?
Josh : Duuuuuuuude wassup?
Me : Josh, you piece of shit, wassup? It's been a long time
Josh : Yeah, also i see that you are a legend now, hehe
Me : Why?
Josh : We heared the crazy shit that you do in Japan, and damn that we are proud
Me : Thank you dude, when the supra turns 25 i will bring it here man
Josh : Good idea, hehe, in another topic, Jessica said to me that you are in town
Me : Yeah, i arrived last night
Josh : You wanna hang out? Nick will be here too, we will be going to Autocross, you wanna get in?
Me : Sure, like in the old times, you still live in your old house?
Josh : Yea dude, so you know how to come? Hehehehe
Me : Yea yea, i see you in 20 minutes.

20 minutes later i arrive.

And oh boi, the cars that they had ...

I arrive and see a Toyota Corolla SR5 converted to AE86

With a redtop 4AGE with AE101 ITB's, Toda Camshafts, Toda exhaust, Toda high compression pistons, standalone ecu

Suspension modified and set for Autocross with 14' watanabes

Gutted interior, with cage, fire fighting equipment, gauges, etc.

And a Dodge Neon SRT-4, which looks stock but has coilovers, tires, brake upgrades and repro to 280hp, in addition to exhaust and intake.

Me : Duuuuuuuudes , wassup?
Josh : Heeeeey frank, how are you doin'? it's been a long time
Nick : Yeah dude, you're a legend now who forget their ol' friends? hehe
Me : Never nick! I have been really busy with japan shit, but now i'm here for a week, so yeah
Josh : Hehe, at least now we can go to Autocross like in the old times
Me : Yeah! Btw, nice rides dudes, which one is yours?
Josh : The SR5 is mine, the SRT-4 is Nick's car
Me : I see, nice rides
Josh and nick : Thank you, nice Mustang
Me : Thank you, is more like a drift car but maybe will be okay in Autocross
Josh : I think so.

After a long time of talking, eatin' and prepping the cars, we went to Autocross, here are some photos

Me : Damn, that was fun, your cars are really fast in this tricky course
Josh : Thank you, your mustang, even if it's a boat
the car behaved very well on this track, you made the perfect modifications.
Me : Nick, i really like your SRT-4
Nick : Thank you, i love your stang
Me : Now that I think about it, I would need a good daily
A good daily to use every time I come to the US, so I do not know ...
Nick : You wanna trade it?
Me : You read my mind.

After doing the correct paperwork, we traded the cars.

Now i'm the proud owner of a 03' Dodge Neon SRT-4
tbh, i never thought that i will've proud of owning a Neon, but this one, i love it.

Here's some photoshooting...

Also at the same time, i received a call...

*phone rings*

Me : Frank here, whats'up?
Matsumoto : Matsumoto here, we have good and bad news at the shop
Me : Tell me now
Matsumoto : The good news are that the Supra is done, new center lock wheels, the new intake and the new tyres
Me : Great, and what's the bad news?
Matsumoto : Apart from the cost of the supra mods, the 180 is screwed, the chassi, the floor pans, the body, it's very screwed
Me : You can't fix it?
Matsumoto : We can, but it's worth it? I don't think so.
Me : Fuck, okay, part it out, sell the good parts and scrap the rest.
Matsumoto : And about the project?
Me : Find another car, 4 grand max.
Matsumoto : Okay, we will call you back when i got it.
Me : Fine, goodbye.

The sxproject is screwed, so we need to start with another car.

After that call i went with my girlfriend to my parents house, to be in family and talk about our lifes.

Sunday 18' May, 5pm

After giving me a good rest in my hometown, visiting my old friends and enjoying my family, today I return to Japan.

Monday, May 19th, 5:00am

After a long trip, we arrived to home and get in the bed
After waking up, having breakfast and getting ready to go to work, I saw that matsumoto left the supra in the garage...

It looks great, right?

The modifications made were.

Hyperlock HL-06S 18 'wheels witn Dunlop Direzzas, Ap racing BBK

New upper and lower control arms, anti roll bar, HKS hypermax IV coilovers

And a new turbo intake headlight.

These new changes and modifications greatly improved the behavior of this car.

I took advantage of the fact that the car was here to go to the workshop to see what was going on.

The car is incredible, I love it

When i arrive to a gas station i receive a call

*phone ring*

Me : Frank here, whats'up?
Matsumoto : Matsumoto here, good news
Me : Tell me
Matsumoto : We sold the good parts of the 180 and scrapped the rest, and with the money we bought the new car
Me : What car is?
Matsumoto : It's a surprise, come to the workshop
Me : I'm in the highway, in 5 i will be there.

5 minutes later i arrive to the workshop.

There was my GTT, after a checkup, and I even more idiot taking photos to the supra

Matsumoto : Hey dude, how it drives?
Me : The supra is awesome, now the grip issues are almost gone, it's perfect.
Matsumoto : I'm glad that you like it, Also i have sold all the parts of the 180 and the old ones of the Supra
Me : How much?
Matsumoto : Of the supra all of the used suspension bits and the brakes i sold them for like 2 grand, the RPF1 wheels 3500
Me : And about the 180?
Matsumoto : About 3500 for everything , engine, transmission, the good parts, the scrapped car, the cage, etc
Me : Great, Great!

Me : Btw, what's the deal with that V35?
Matsumoto : Is our new drift car, Skyline V35 350GT
Me : A V35? Nice. How much it cost?
Matsumoto : 3000
Me : Very cheap, it's in good condition?
Matsumoto : Almost perfect, some little shit, but for a 04', it's perfect
Me : I will take a drive...

After I saw this V35, I was enthusiastic, although it would not have been my choice, it's a very good option, I'm excited

And it has good power to do burnouts.

Monday, June 17, 2:00 p.m.

In these four weeks, we have done several things in the new project, so, enjoy,

In what is aesthetic, we put a bodykit, new front lights, we tinted the tail lights , put the wheels of the GTT and Megan coilovers.

Under the hood, we changed the VQ35DE for a VQ35HR, since they have better internals,
besides a better sound and other advantages, luckily our DE was in good condition so we sold it and we recovered a part of the money.

We also changed the exhaust system, the camshafts (tomei procam cams, valves, retainers) and the admission plenum, the original ecu is reprogrammed

And in the Interior we changed the original seats for some bucket seats

It looks so great now, later on we will take it to the dyno and wrap it in some 90's - 2000's Hotboi Livery...

Tuesday, June 18th. 5:00pm

And finally the three projects together.

The V35

The Supra

And the GTT, the latter with the wheels of the V35, you will ask me, why?

Because I sold it to a great friend of the house, AJ
and I put those wheels for him to take it to his house and there he put good wheels, although being honest, those wheels do not look bad

It hurts me to see him go, but it will be for the better, besides I know that he will take care of it, besides I need the money, so.

Until the next, GTT

In these days I will buy some daily, for as long as I am using the V35.
And in the meantime i'm testing it to see that everything works well.

Let's see what I will come to this house...


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#202   2019-06-19 22:50          
# Soju : Those are epic rides :)
It's really great to see the Supra getting proper treatment! And the V35 looks like it has a lotta potential!
Thank you dude!
With the supra we are trying to eliminate the grip issues, luckily with these new tweaks we fixed a good bunch of them, but still we are getting some ones, but lbh, it's imposible to not have grip issues with a 1410hp car with sport but still street tyres, but still we are trying to fix em.

And about the V35, it got a lot of potential, and is something different than the classic SX/Silvia/R32/R33/R34/350Z/Miata build, so that's a bonus.

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#203   2019-06-20 08:41          
It was great doing business with you bud! We should chill more often! Also don't worry fam your ER34 is in good hands I assure you ;)

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#204   2019-06-20 15:14          
# RocketBunnyS13 : It was great doing business with you bud! We should chill more often! Also don't worry fam your ER34 is in good hands I assure you ;)
Thank you dude!
Whenever you can hang out hmu or viceversa
I can't wait to see that car ready!

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