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I used to have it installed but I deleted it after the game's 512th crash. I searched everywhere but every download leads to dead links. With streetlegalmods being down, it makes it nearly impossible. I found a post on some Brazilian forum but there was no link present. The links that I found on here in the guide page are dead. Unless there is another way to make parts show up in the catalog, can anyone here supply me with a download or possibly upload their own? Thank you.

EDIT : I actually just found a link to a download thanks to 0v9GT. The download is here.

I am going to reupload it to Mediafire because it seems that the download expires in 3 days.


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Make a download page for it in the download area: *LINK*

Thanks(but you could've made better by opening the RDB and changing the IDS by your own lol)!
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